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shit that pisses on you

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Originally posted by __ __ __ __@Jul 13 2005, 02:51 AM

I hate how the government trs to hide so much... and i hate not knowing all there is to know about the sercret societies that control this world... crazy how deep this can get, but those who know or have heard, will be interested.. the ignorant will taunt..im out..



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Originally posted by sarcasm@Jul 13 2005, 03:47 AM

yeah fat people make me mad sometimes.

but what really pisses me off are fucking ugly people and annoying as fuck people who are really getty and full of energy; the type of people who sign up to be camp leaders and shit.





Hmmmmmm, let me think..

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I hate people that give graffiti a bad name, toys who run around putting their shit on stuff, writing over a writers nice piece of work.

I hate dvd's that have some wank ending.

I hate going to bed.

I hate getting up in the morning.

I hate the amount of time this forum takes to load each page.

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things i hate:


girls with smelly feet.




rednecks driving


smelly rednecks


stupid rednecks


rednecks who cut me off in a traffic light and won't get out of their damn cars to fight at the next redlight.


following people to stop them and fight and they fuckign speed up (got caught at a redlight though, see above)


glass bottles that don't break the right way so you don't have a sharp pointy end


fucking tapioka pudding (spelling? fuck it anyhow)


brown splotches on my bananas. hows a nilla s'posed to make a smoothie with a nasty banana?


being out of erb.


not being able to find above mentioned substance


having a lame doctor who won't give me ambien when he knows damn well i can't sleep like a normal person.


fat girls who wear thongs and lowrider jeans (bugs me the fuck out)


i'm out for now.


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loud mouth black bitches on the city bus, always singing


mexican babies on the greyhound, always crying, always at least 10 of them


people who take forever to get their bags out of the overhead compartment after the plane lands


people with tribal tattoos that arent part of any tribe at all


white rappers, monotone black rappers


every band from the last decade beginning with the word THE


mexican food not prepared by mexicans, i dont want some fucking emo whore making me a burrito with black beans and sun flower seeds in it


flip flops, sandals, dudes walking around without their shirts on, it doesnt get hot enough here for that, get dressed


trying to keep up with video games anymore, a new system comes out evey other month, i give up


tattoo shops that do body piercing. pick one and get good at it


strippers that whine about tips, titty bar djs


cover charges, beer in glass pints that arent 16oz to begin with. being expected to tip bartenders without getting good service. if they are slow anyway and all im drinking is beer then fuck em, what are they gonna do, pour me a stiff beer?

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Originally posted by ink Lunatic@Jul 13 2005, 04:43 AM

This is petty and stupid: I hate getting shitty haircuts. I just got one this morning. I look like Dustin fucking Hoffman.



hahahaha! poor girl...but this is hilarious.



*my brother in law ended up having to shave his head three days before the wedding after he spent the most money on any other hair cut in his life.

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Being woken up for no reason. If I can sleep, don't fucking wake me up for nothing.


When my phone wakes me up by buzzing to let me know it has a low battery. Why dont you just save the energy used on buzzing and shut the fuck up?


When you're on the phone with someone who has that REALLY FUNNY friend in the background who says some shit like, "Why are you on the phone, I didnt give you permission." Then they giggle. Especially when Im on the phone with a chick and one of her herbed out guy friends or a dude at the party shes at says that. That kinda shit is going to get you hunted and hit with a bat.


When that motherfucker pulls out infront of you while youre doing 65 and they decide to do 50. Good job asshole! You had to get infront of me because of the 0 cars behind me. Ive been keeping pennies in my car and small rocks to throw at people like this lately.


Motherfuckers who start a fight by throwing their arms back like theyre at a miss america pagent and bumping chests against you. Thats another good way of getting your face taken off honkey.


When youre hanging out with a girl and shit starts getting kinda to the point where penetration is iminant and then the chick starts playing some highschool hard to get games. Know what? Im going down the road and fucking someone else. Call up a 16 year old and pull your shit with him.


Those adds that are like, Punch the boxer in the face and win 45 million dollars! That shits homo period.


The dude in the gym who like plays college baseball, and bench presses 185lbs 10 times then gets up and looks around to see if anyone was watching him blast out his insane weight for 10 awesome reps. No faggot, no one cares that you're benching 30 lbs below your body weight. Drink another myoplex shake you fruity bitch.


The really big fucking dude at the gym who insists on wearing those Venice Beach tank tops that were big in the 80s and has a bandana on like a fucking gym pirate. Argh watch me blast my trapdelts for 8 hours ARGH!


When you're playing the game "Sorry" and you're one square out of your safe zone, and someone bumps you back to start. Thats some never forgive action.


When kids who listen to bands like My Chemical Romance, the Used, or anything of that nature have no idea why bands like Metallica and Nirvana are important to their culture.


That's all for now, I have to shower. Im pretty sure Ill get angry again later and write more.

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oh yea Mags you remind me i fucking DESPISE asshole managers that ride their employees asses for no fucking reason other than for the glory of the corporation. THE CORPORATION DOESNT CARE WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE SO FUCK YOU

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Originally posted by Gat:Bush@Jul 14 2005, 04:35 PM

oh yea Mags you remind me i fucking DESPISE asshole managers that ride their employees asses for no fucking reason other than for the glory of the corporation. THE CORPORATION DOESNT CARE WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE SO FUCK YOU

thank you

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