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Issac Brock

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I do agree with immigrant about that, and who is naked?

Even though that shewz throw may not be the best why did he only go over half the s?(No rhyme intended) He fucking sucks also dag and shewz have been around a bit longer than naked. If you are going to go over fet just keep it to fet and not other writers that did nothing to have their shit gone over. Even if they roll with fet, it isn't their problem, so someone especially naked shouldn't be killing their shit.

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naked hits harder than fet and shewz, combined. open your eyes, get around the city. not only that, his shit is ugly as fuck, and awesome. it's whatever. I bet if king fucking elmer the cat lady went over half that shewz yall wouldn't say shit. period. bump swag, my twd homies, elmer cat lady fud, and the homie fohr.

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I mean it would still be messed up to be burning any of fet's boys stuff for his mistake. It would be completely different if elmer was going over them cause he is alot better, naked may crush but he still sucks and shouldn't be burning anyone. To be honest I don't really care about this I'm just pointing it out.

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elmer fucking sucks, straight up, and I am gonna go diss his shit today. matter a fact, I am gonna eat me a big ass bowl of cereal, and go dis out elmers. fuck elmer. if I ever meet dude, I am slappin the shit out of him straight up.

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YOU GUYS ARE ALL RETARDED AS FUCK........I wrote fet...fuck you......i like everone is like fets a snitch fets a a bitch.....its like dsd said....you guys wouldnt say shit if it was elmer who did....cause you are afraid.....lets recap this whole situation for you guys....mostly dsds ignorant white fucking trash ass.......this whole thing started with me saying someone three letter name on here......first name......how many j*es do you think there are in this world? the cops are gonna automatically know its you? your not that cool...they dont really care...then elmer and gasm decided to go and put my full name on my graffiti.....so if im not mistaken THEY SNITCHED FIRST.....I UNDERSTAND I COULD HAVE CHOSEN A BETTER REBUTTAL......but noone is gonna call elmer and gasm snitches cause they paint.....you guys are seriously sooooo dumb it makes me glad all this happened so i can realize the kind of ignorance and immaturity i was surrounding myself with......you guys have fun with your little career here.....






let the rants begin.....

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