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Issac Brock

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who the fuck is dissing pak??? snuf?


I'm pretty sure it wasn't snuf, cause the feis and amo, who was also on that wall, and threw up dfw/gok, didn't get dissed. plus, for the most part, all the shit I ever seen snuf diss, he at least left his handstyle, and there was not one snuf in that building, there is that old ass one on the outside, but I don't think it's snuf...

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if it is jeso, I seen homie, along with a few others on a fine day in the market,

he painted with us a few weeks ago, forget what burb he's from,

but little fella done fucked up if it's hime.

especially rollin around with nothing but rustos and montana.

I mean, I love the dollar store, but who don't love themselves a big ass bag of good free paint,

and whatevers in the wallet? homie if you're reading this and

you painted that shit, feel free to get at me.

I love beef. I live for the shit.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm big macs.

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yeah the shit i saw was lined that same way.....seriously though a phers? dude is probably one of the sickest to come out of here.....i only have a flick of the eater and yogurt that got dissed and im not gonna post it.....cause im lazy as fuck.




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