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Issac Brock

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this whole city is about to suffer from ptsd. welcome, it is an exciting life to live. so shit, tonight was suppose to be a fun night out with drunk happy white folk. I aint going anywhere near you crazy fuckers now. I know how seriously yall take ice skating, and hockey. not good. oh well, go tigers! 10 minutes to go, and no hope.

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3 minutes to go and no hope. so happy my girl didn't want to go to a fuckin party out there tonight.


did a little something today, but my phone sucks at the pics.


soooo, flicks tomorrow, and to give teh page some spice... stolen shit.





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I was with Billy when he took this photo. This is in the Packard, and this family was collecting cans and having a fun day. Jokes abounded, from us, about the Packard being a Disney Land of Abandonment. As a child care professional I was a bit worried about taking children into a structure that firefighters are afraid to enter, but I wasn't teh boss.


It's for Billy's 100 strangers.

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I regret clicking the above link. Yo dawg I rap like graffiti. Graffinan in da kutt, bangin grandmaz lieka slut, shoving rustos up da butt. Grafferoner.


Anyway, pictuhs.




















and because i'm a fatass...




who wants to hit one of those new colt 45 billboards. apparently it works errytiem...

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