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for those of you who don't have a sense of humor, this is a tounge-in-cheek art film or "experimental" documentary, meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

and for those of you who don't have a good handle on the english language and its intiricate colloquialisms, that means that it's supposed to be funny.


I am pretty sure it still sucked, and i have taking film classes dip shit. What i concluded was that it was a waste of my time to watch it. If you don't like my response to your post then kiss my ass.

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Fuck you bitch that shit is 2 years old i saw that stuff on insidesouthwest in 05 prik stay of my dick faggot


now i am on your dick cause i said quit bitching.

i ain't tring to start beef.

just saying some of the poeple might not have

seen the flick and it is still contributing to the thread

so whats there to bitch about???

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Wut the fuck!!!!! where have all the writers gone christ!!! You SUCK fuck yall. I hate seein this wack ass shit put some art in it for jesus sake.


Bump Feis, Gray, Loaf Death and marm for at least tryin to rise above and of course....

Bump Mr derby


dude you need to chill out, yeah they aren't as good as stuff in other city's but its still graff, if you want to start a graffiti style revolution then do it. no one is stopping you, post some of your shit. im not trying to talk shit but if your going to be dissing everyone then you better be able to back it up myzer. i dont have a problem with you personally, but i get the feeling that nobody is liking you saying that EVERYTHING sucks cock

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Fuck you all this shit does suck I dont get of a fuck these swl kids is goin around thinkin they deserve props just cause they get up fuck that fuck them fuck you mr derby gets up but that nigga dont deserve shit its garbage like that that gives graff a bad name my shit aint the best its better than theirs but i dont feel the need to put it up fuck yall


bump to serious writers

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im not saying they deserve props, im just saying you need to stop being so critical about everyone, yeah there are things that can be done better with those swl pics i agree however, you dont have to swear up a storm and be like fuck this and fuck that blah blah blah. Relax, criticize all you want just dont have a big ego about it and say fuck everyone.

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