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Issac Brock

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Oooh. Damn cupcake, I had no idea you could be so Freudian.


Now I'd love to stay and talk shit, but I have to go get my ears gauged and paint really basic shapes and call them letters to maintain this cool 'heavy metal graff writer subculture tough guy on acid' thing I've got going for myself.


Talk to you laterz! BFF! LOLZ! OMG!

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your condescending bullshit is tiresome dude. if it weren't for the internet, not a single person in this city would know you existed. it's not even as if you have bad pieces, you have NO pieces. you're not even a toy, you're an e-toy who's only connection to detroit graffiti is via modem. if you want to express an opinion, feel free, but getting all holier than thou when you have dick all to show for yourself is the epitome of lame. it's a man with no legs telling someone what it means to be a runner.


i'm not trying to be a dick, but seriously, save it.

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Hey, fair's fair and I ain't taking offense. I'm not a writer; I'm a regular guy that does dumb shit after dark based on proximity, but that doesn't change the fact that I have put my time in and it wasn't in abandoned buildings, drainage ditches or in someone's basement. I have no problem admitting I don't piece or put hours into Detroit, even though that's completely irrelevant to what I was originally trying to say. All I was trying to say being how people can avoid accidentally running into names other people have.


Dude came at me sideways so I responded by going at his character... I don't think you have to be a tightrope walker to point out that keeping ankle weights on the left side of your body is a bad way to go about your balancing act, and you don't have to have walked 40 feet across the Shriners to defend yourself when a circus freak says he's going to anhilate your anus.


Either way, point taken. I'll kindly sit the fuck down.

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he came at you sideways? you basically called him out, don't try and play the victim. you're not dumb enough to be able to play that card, dude. ha.


it's not like i'm some total nazi, i know that you don't need to be michael jordan in order to have a valid understanding of a players abilities, but there's a difference between an honest opinion and an edict from a position of alleged authority.


not to call you out, but you've always aluded to this 'time served', and more than once pointed out that it was not in abandoned buildings, etc. when/where exactly was this? and if it was during your stint in ny, how/why would you paint there, yet never paint a single thing here?


i've gotta go to work, take your time with a reply, or feel free to PM me if you don't want to make it public.

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without dragging this on... that comment wasn't going at fyre/death. it was directed at the 'new' wafl and coma and I wasn't even trying to be a dickhead. i just thought writing coma is a lot like writing tech, teck, phase, fase, or faze because it seems like one of those dark and scary names that another 150 people across the world could be using at any given time.


and i know i've been a shithead to the original guy in question in the past, but that was for other reasons that i'll admit i probably should've kept quiet about. i'm prone to being a loudmouth when it comes to shit that's staring me right in the face; dude used to have letters similar to someone and that just baffled me. but whatever, i guess people've gotta learn somehow.


i'll message you later if you still wanna hear it.

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Sometimes I feel like this msg board is a place where about 3 or 4 dudes live and let you come and hang out and show flicks once in a while. There's all of this senseless dialogue that wastes everyone's time. Mostly envy, jealousy and player hating insights like the lovely one above. If you're on the job and getting up, it shouldn't be in here. If you're about to write a negative comment about someone - their work, their crew - whatever: if it boils your blood enough to post up a negative statement, then yuou should STOP for a second and look deep into your own soul. Now get out there and paint!

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