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Issac Brock

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On 12/31/2020 at 11:21 AM, WorldBench said:

Why is everyone in Detroit so angry. Been like that since I used to paint there as a youngin' 20 years ago lol

I did a curatorial workshop and every "artist" was upset with me because I was an outsider taking images.....turns out most of them were outside from 313 themselves. Other then that people were super friendly and helpful otherwise.

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I drove through the city the other day, and looking back on this thread reminded me of a time way back when I lived in my moms basement and we did really dumb shit and got over. A few bites of mushrooms and page 1 - 2000 made me and my dog sit down, drink a beer and look at the stars somewhere downriver - a humbled old man who truly misses those days now.


I was a jerk, at times - but it was usually all in good fun, I hope the best for all of you dudes and soon (through various lame 'social medias') - I hope to see some of you on some "at least we're alive" shit. I heard there's cool little a legal from ol' deathbed, and while I usually pass on doing the internet thing these days, I'd really like to tell you dudes how much you actually meant to me - and still do, before it's too late.

Bygones Be...

I don't know if pm is still a thing so, I'll just say I've grown and learned quite a bit about myself and the world - I'm in a neutral zone these days, nowhere - nobody.


Ego is as rusted as  any ol' D wall, arms and legs still working so I'm ok,

I'd like to hear from any of you ol' cats - I'm on IG once in a great ass while,


Forgive and forget all my past errors, and shit like that boys, once again I'll be heading through - once again it'll be solo or whoever is down to meet up on some ol' peaceful shit - I'm with it. I still do what I can, it's in the bloodstream after so long I'm sure most of the old heads who read this will understand...

Enough babble,

Peace and eternal love (for real),

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