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Issac Brock

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i remember when i first saw those billboards Elmer and 2buck hit, i was super stoked. dope spots. mybad elemer for the drama with ya crew, they just couldn't keep there big heads out of my beef and now there paying for it. you can only blame your crew at this point. if not, then you got some serious denial issues. your more then welcome to message me about this sense your supposedly the "mediator"of Detroit graff, but replying to my funny comments will only make you actually seem like you care, and trust, nobody wants to see you care. if you even try? just going to be mad face palms.

RIP 2BUCK. dude was super cool to me when i met him. that was a great night by the way. saw homies who didnt even have other homies backs lmfao and y'all niggehz call ya selves crews. hahaha dally fight nights. saw mad kats on the side lines. busters.

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I wish I got pictures of that green fence next to 10 that 2buck, Jmack and someone else hit twice! First with a black and white and then it got buffed then they got it again with red and white i think but whatever that shit was huge. Fuck man if anyone has pics of that it was crazy. I remember driving past it a couple times but never had a camera with me.

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