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Issac Brock

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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
You know the games gone to shit when so called "heads" get their nut from running an art park


Walked through there the other day, it should literally all just be demolished. I saw an 03 Turdl toyed out and some other super old shit down the tracks with bullshit over it. Detroit is officially lame. :'( :'( #sadboys

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I feel you on the scene still being active, its definitely got some good shit left. The stuff getting run over recently got me depressed bc its either been buff or what looks like some idiot who just picked up a can. I think Gilbert might of hired a team of Grosse Point girls to spray shitty tags all over the place.

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To whom this may concern: if your spots are getting capped its because you've disrespected me in one way or another past or present. this could have all been settled very easily when a certain someone got a huge head and thought it was cool too talk shit online then take a stupid chill spot back. knives have been pulled out in the past and i cant forgive actions like that. my name has been in and out of your mouths. people threatening to pull the heater out or pulling it out on a kat, don't appreciate that either, next time use it. i am not new to this, i am true to this. i will make it my life mission too win, i will always win even if it doesn't appear that way, it is that way....peace detroit see ya in a few months.

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nice to see the thread isn't all the way dead...

Mr. Brock probably rolling in his 12 oz grave shaking his fucking head.

I'd post a flick, but I floated this thread myself with years of nothing but flicks.

I'm glad 12 oz still here, but not much changes. new generation of writers...


SEW, JASP, SWAY, HSCREW, DFW-GOK, the normal. but MVP of the year goes to

GEIST HANDS DOWN, Salute, for keeping the next generation of kids eyes open.

peace be with all, ALL, in graf, but NOT IN THESE STREETS, YOU KNOW HOW TO FIND ME.

deadcity signing out, Salute, Bless.

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