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Issac Brock

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yanoe,elmer,chub. bump those strats! good too see another guy put down in wah. luv that little sway on that store front makes me giggle, slider needs to finish that piece next to eufoe. drove by one day saw all the WAH dudes out there painting that building, its good too see a local crew that don't bite off one another. There seems to be a lot of recycled styles in this city.

not even trying to dick ride wah... by far one of the hottest crews in the D. only a handful of dope outta towners coming through.


also feelin that stori throw

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WAH always been that deal.

that's the awesome part about graffiti, and this ain't directed at you, as you said, and I know, you ain't dickriding, but...


BUMP JASP. this niggas has just smashed since day one, holds all his shit down, didn't back the fuck down to sisthoes bitch ass, smashed Aires the fuck out and held his own down in the meantime, my point?

clicky high school shit. all this city scene is. there was a time a while back where niggas use to get together weekly in the spring and summer, different styles, laughs, different everything down to gang affiliation to mental health status, but niggas got together.


now it's who's who, who's cool, whatever. case in point, the youngin, the TRUTH, OKAY HS.

a year ago 99 percent of you called the nigga a toy and wouldn't talk to the nigga, he didn't even exist. now he wasn't out there like he is now, and it took him a year to progress, but that whole time, and YEARS before most of you were even here in Detroit, that nigga was painting. now cats coming out the wood work to get at him.


I love seeing out of town niggas doing their thing.

don't go over locals, you'll be alright.


also, don't pull a REVOK MSK bitch move and threaten niggas on a wall none the less, not even the internet, just to BITCH THE FUCK OUT.


we still waiting for you to make a nigga bleed. bitch you probably didn't tell your MSK AWR fam that I got at people that talk to you and paint with you personally, I'd fucking show up at Honest Johns, or any other hipster joint, blow your mouth out. cause as said before, big AMO ain't even starring me with solid ass right to the whole right side of my face. 6-8 400 pound niggas do not like sparring with me. you might catch me and get lucky and knock me out, but you're getting socked the fuck up.


now that ain't no biased shit. you fucking said you're gonna make niggas bleed. got the flicks. so when bitch? don't give me that when you see me in the street, as much as I talk, there a reason niggas don't fuck with me in the streets.


REVOK, you're a coward ass bitch. but your rap letters are pretty.


hollywood pretty ass hoe.


fuck I hate you, and I don't even know you.









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