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Issac Brock

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the field of green is west side yes, my og granny use to say in Oak Park? or Southfield, on Greenfield, also, good tree spots over that way.

edit. Evergreen. regardless. west side got the best car shows.

east side niggas always end up gutta and someone get shot.

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yup, if you visit here, there enough niggas from around the fucking globe visiting at any given moment. I am always lurking. dipping tomorrow for a while, but I will be around lurking.


get at a nigga in a pm if you want a real detroit tour.

not a rap letter tour.

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Word. Yo what's highland park like? And Hamtramck? I never seen no shit like that before. Cities within cities. What's the area by american jewelry and loan like? I know it's just outside of Southfield and there's a white castle across the street.



highland park is garbage as far as living goes, but if you're tryin to paint... there's gold in them there hills...


Hamtramck is awesome as far as living goes, good people, good bars, good food, good weed... but if you're trying to paint, it's garbage, a dumpster tag had my boy held up for a couple few weeks... and it's the only place in detroit with a decent police response time.


American jewelry and loan is westside... not the gnarly west side though, i feel like they stage 100% of the bullshit they have on that show. I did see Les leaving that spot once, i pointed and thumbs up'ed him, he smiled and waved.


As an eastsider myself, i've come to notice that the east side, despite looking much much more gully is less populated than the west side. Just like any other city, the more populated the area the more crime, but with the east side, the crime to population ratio is all screwy, less people with the same amount of buck shit going on.


hope that clears things up for ya.

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Actually I got 2 more questions and then I'm done. Is it true there's no street lights in highland park and what's the people mover like?


Dude if you really want to look at Detroits problems and failures (the people mover) then either pick up a news paper or magazine and read, or just visit the city for yourself. Just drive around, you will be able to answer all your own questions.

Haven't been on here in forever, but apparently this thread is now a ghetto tour guide rather than a graffiti site.

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don't pay attention to bomb massgraff, that nigga older than I and does karate in his backyard.

he just a grumpy old nigga! HI BOMBAR! been a while!


this thread is not only for ghetto tours, which I heard (hear a lot, always take with grain of bullshit) that a certain heavy hitter gives tour guides in the Packard, just missed ya! or, you just missed me. whatever. see ya sooner or later.


flicks? someone got some. post em.

despite my pure hatred for everyone right now in life,


chub and begr. I mean, can you even call the niggas out of towners at this point? take a fucking nap sometimes got damn!

REVOK! but only if you fixed them spots personally.

and last but not least, OKAY HS! see you youngin! and the WAH crew.


but chub and begr, these 2 niggas got more spots in the last month than most of yall combined. me? I don't do rap letters. just chase cheap toy fame.


oh yeah, SCREW, fuck you nigga. lols.

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Yo is Fresh the same Fresh that was painting like in '10 with that fat ass 'F'? When did that dude get so good? Bump him, GET, the WAH dudes, kyote's got those colors, never really seen that before.

Fuck it I'm bumping Spain, paint some more, those old school throws i use to see are nice.

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