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Issac Brock

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if you did this, it might be a good IDEA to get at me, as soon as you could. aka, before I leave the house tonight.


at first glance I thought, karma, and nothing last forever. then I seen the actual wall, and not only did a dead writer, who happens to hold a spot in my heart forever, my fucking brother, but it sure looked to me like someone just dont give a fuck.


all fine with me, just another crew added to the bullshit. been out here all week, some of you are missing a couple spots already. directly tied to this whole, "sorry it was faded shit."


out of town niggas gotta link up with locals usually. so, on this one, there is no fucking excuses. I handed out passes on homie a couple times. no more.


if you throw up these crews, and a lot of you do, WE have a fucking problem.

get at me. or don't, and watch, and enjoy.

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won't be no flicks of that. just pure fucking destruction by a nigga who could give a fuck one way or another about life or death. yall niggas got tons of spots to lose. idiot shit. niggas dead. reason shit fades. done talking. don't even bother getting at me, get at yall out there the only ignorant way I know how.

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bump ftmd, btuf, the local niggas that repped that shit from the beginning. no peace to the niggas that are about to get it. you know who you are. if you went over tom1ripatm, you went over my people, or you beefing with my people, it is what it is.


edit, boris flicks. better than mine, better than ethersocks, better than that one dude, makes this thread go.


note to Boris, more grimy east side shit! you fuck around broad day on the mile, you're bound to get great flicks.

bring a heater. 7 mile niggas are stupid!


I know. 224, 205, fuck the universe.

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Good luck if your trying to fuck with the D30 crew, bc your gonna need it.


...if the D30 niggas here condone niggas going over dead writers, and nobody felt like they needed to get at me, even though niggas know the deal, then FUCK anyone that reps it, period.


I do not need to explain myself any further do I?


...and that whole Ima need help, fuck out here with that shit. you cannot win against a nigga that stares at, and laughs at death daily. D30 got way more to fucking lose than I do, and excuse me, but I was here way before D30 was, ie, born and raised, ain't going anywhere till I fucking die, and I never needed help this far. fuck is a D30 nigga gonna do, other than lose all they spots to me?


nothing. nothing that hasn't been done already. sit back and fucking cry about it. I gave way to much ample warning.


no peace.

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^action shots are always. my instagram open. peep them there. niggas know what I look like. I don't hide shit. and for those that do not know, I will be at the same spot AMO socked me last summer, for a week. you see me walking in and out that bitch. walk up and say hi. expect the worst if you gonna come up on me. period. done talking.

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You shouldn't take light the death of someone's friend. This guy isn't beefing with a famous crew for no reason, think if some big heads went to your town and started going over Uncle, or whoever you may have lost, what would you do? How would you feel if you defended your friend who was no longer alive, and kids were online instigating in caps lock to beef? If this wasn't over death maybe it'd be funny, but Detroit lost one of their own and even if he wasn't a quarter as good as D30 the fallen cannot defend themselves.


I have nothing to do with the situation, but I see exactly where DSD coming from. We have some fallen writers and if anyone goes over my dead friend who helped me start in 1998, no matter howfamous I would/will fuck up everything they had. It's basic respect for the fallen. Not an "Ooh let's get popcorn and watch this battle"...


I actually hope it gets settled peacefully, maybe it was too dark for them to notice they went over him, maybe not. Peace everyone

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edit. one more time, I should of cleared this up...


I ain't "going after D30."

RET and CHUBS can get it forever. I gave niggas a minute to get at me. so going over dead niggas weather it was dark or not, I gave N4n and NSF cats a pass once, because certain heads got at me, and made no fucking excuses. all I needed. man the fuck up. I make a LOT OF MISTAKES. we all do. ever wonder why elmer got the hammer but mince didn't?


once again, if you rep D30, and you are in detroit, and one of your people said damn JUE talking about going all the fuck out on us, cause a couple of our boys fucked up, get at me.

if you dealt with me in the past, you know I am a very rational person.


but in the end, I fully expect crew to stick up for crew. obviously them niggas didn't get fucking checked in this last week, or they would of, and could of just gotten at me, and it would of gotten resolved.


now I am done talking. I will give the current situation 48 hours. when I check back here in a couple days, if cats haven't at least reached out, you know what the fuck I do.


fireboys on deck. over 100 gallons on deck spots smashed. feelings hurt. at the end of the night, I am who I am, and I still do not give infinite fucks.


now, outside of pm's, I really am done talking.

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dsd-why is it whenever some comes to detroit you act like they gotta check in with you to see if shits cool?..i totally relate to the going over a fallen writer but like someone else said maybe it was to dark and they didnt realize it?..maybe they just didnt give a fuck honestly?who knows..but to constantly see you on here actin like people gotta hit u up and get a "pass" from you is a fucking joke dude!!..and PLEASE lets see the proof of these spots you took out as you claim!!!all i hear is a hater ass toy gettin his butthurt becuzz hes salty he cant even do a fucking simple straight letter peice...hopefully my shit talking to you will make you go and paint instead of gettin on 12oz and giving out "passes" to people who honestly give 2 fucks about you...but please stop acting like you run detroit becuzz when im here i seen0 from you!!..go put in work on the streets like everyone else does and then maybe you can have some shit to back up this tough guy bullshit..like i said lets see the actual pics of these spots youve supposedly taken out..i dont think u have the balls to actually do the shit u say u did/TALK about doing...fuckin idiot (nioggas better hit me up for a pass niggas niggas niggas) fuckin toy...:lol:

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