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Issac Brock

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msk is dope, unless they are outside of cali, then they are art fags who steal all the spots from detroits honest local vandals, those bastards! its an outrage. i've said it before and i'll say it again, the only way to deal with this scourge is to draw dicks on all the msk. big fat floppy dicks all over their beautiful pieces. maybe lush could help you out, he has a thing for that kinda stuff... but wait he's from australia though, so you would have to get rid of him aswell after he's done dismantling the out of towners with his armada of flesh weasels. and you cant just draw dicks on his pieces to make him go away, he and all other australians are immune to dicks. shit! its like when you have a pest problem so you bring in something to kill it, but now you have an even bigger pest problem.. its like mongooses. msk are mongooses, or lush. i can't remember where im going with this.


anyways, those are your options. deal with msk for the next 5 years, or have to put up with dick letters. choose wisely detroit.

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....just like anything in life you live and learn. try not to be closed minded for once. no hating here. but, as stated before, you go over a cat like JASP, myself, a couple cats I know, street side, you're fucked. period. I have no right to talk in the past on this as I did it myself on some straight toy shit, and once on some straight ego shit. it is what it is.


my point? keep them legal walls, they should be fucking burners. and it ain't like the niggas (msk) don't get the fuck up illegally, worldwide. there is enough walls, still, for all of us.

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Smells STRONGLY of bullshit, and douche water in here.


i think its the putrid sent of cockiness and general attitude of "know-it-all" that permeates the walls of this place.... with a touch of false sense of self entitlement.

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fuck all. bump jasp. SLOE REHAB! fuck FOHR. also, mental health disorders will get me killed, I can only hope it is a writer that does the deed. I'd post flicks, but fuck all that.


I'd rather talk shit. internet thuggin makes hoes want to buy you a pepsi.

I'm not crazy.

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