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Issac Brock

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Just got done talking to a person who knows a person who was stopped by a newly established graffiti task force on Harper a few days ago. Nothing illegal going on but enough graffiti-centric activity for the plain-clothes police to pull up and let them know that the police are out and about taking down names and working the scene out... the task force is planning to buff / clean up prime spots and then sit on these areas and swoop on anyone who comes by. "Like a mouse trap" - Grand River was mentioned and person was stopped on Harper by a 'Rats x Elmer Burner' that may be about to be buffed a 'charcoal grey'. So if its arterial and street-side... News article posted couple of pages back seems real. See ya.

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well if thats true ..then ..wow we made it where like ny or sf mad out of towners blowin the gates off..whatever cant blame them all cause we got some serious hometown heavies but the two together ..2 much .. ..shit got real ..like most major cities ..whatever if u true to this fuck da police ....u can find me laying in da cut like a band aid ..

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Yo, this is Erekt, and the only reason I mention who I am is not for attention but to be honest and cover everything i want to say in this single post.

I normally wouldn't go out of my way to talk shit about anybody, and I don't even find myself on here more then once a month. I like to keep my head low and stay out of everybody's business. But recently, I've had some things brought to my attention that I think I gotta talk about.


FUCK THIS GROSS-POINTE, 100 LB, FAGGOT-ASS Rems. Somehow, this stupid fuck has found a way to weasel his bullshit into my life. I want to make it clear, mostly to him why I'm dissing anything I see of his. I recently started chillin with this guy who just started writing (Mech) and for whatever reason, Rems won't leave this kid alone. And like I said, I usually mind my own business, but when I saw this motherfucker called Mech a nigger like 10 times over the phone, and tell him he was going to "lynch him because he's a no-good nigger". I about went to this fucks house and killed him. I don't give a fuck who you are, you have no fucking right to talk like that to a person who did nothing wrong to you. Especially when you and your boy are known snitches. Graffiti is not about being a hardass. Graffiti isn't about posing like you run a gang. And you might think you look cool homie, but every single person in the scene knows your a posing ass bitch. And that's why all your shit gets capped.


Remy, you're a racist, you're a spoiled fucking brat. And you don't deserve any respect as a writer. I hope to God you take your stupid ass somewhere else, and stop pretending to be a hardass. I've spent fucking WEEKS deciding whether or not I should say something about you, because I hate being in the middle of silly drama. But I really recommend that you shut your stupid mouth and start acting like an adult. Respect earns respect. I hope you take some time to think about that.




In other news, Bump EVERYONE else. New and old. I won't be on here again, so don't waste your time. I'm sorry if I wasted yours. Stay up.

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BTW, this isn't Crew beef, even though you did blatantly cap Lush. We all know you can't hit a single fucking spot without going over somebody else. Not suprised, to be honest.


Either way, nobody else in DMR has a blatant problem with you. So go ahead and diss out my fucking 3 straight letters in the city. I'm just gonna draw dicks in your fills until the day I die.

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Wait so the cops won't show up if a dude gets shot in the street in broad daylight, but they'll create a

task force to catch kids painting a bunch of abandoned buildings no one's given a shit about in 30 years?

That's that bullshit.





THIS. had to log in to prop your ass. it sounds fishy that they are going to spend money to fund a task force focused solely on writers when you got all that other crazy shit going on in the D. my thoughts are that this was a scare tactic they are just trying to spread the rumor that they are out there like that so that some of these scary fools are gonna be too shook to go to the spots to paint.


cut the graff problem down without having to do anything lol. idk though, i may be wrong but it seems suspect that they would worry about shit as trivial as graff when people are being shot up and there are no squad cars dispatched to the area and shit.

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