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dimes out here posting everything he ever painted


Posted Images


fon esey ridle jmack scech snow dealo seks feis fox...last week



this picture Is wack. feis needs to learn how to finish a piece with out having to start over also I sure hope that seks piece is finished. this flick is a straight up haterade ass flic. and who the fuck are you? ( to the asshole who thinks he can call shots like that) don't invite people to a wall and then go over peoples shit because there the ballerest burners in the yard. And next time use some graffiti etiquette and roll over the person your burning, learn some respect...boooo!........bump esey, snax, lush, and myself.........SEKS, were still cool, just next time don't take some idiots word for it.

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Yo, Fuck Rems. I reactivated this account only to tell you why that kid dissed his shit. I was there. This motherfucker Rems was talking a million miles of shit to this kid (Mech). He sent probably a dozen texts to this kid, and I'm gonna try to quote as best I can. "Fuck you you nigger." "Nigger" "Nigger." "If I ever see you, I'm gonna lynch you and your family." etc.


Big ups to that kid Mech for growing some balls and dissing that Rems. One way or the other, he deserved it. And it doesnt matter what I write, it doesnt matter what you think fucking happened, and I'll probably never post on here again. But mark my fucking words, if I ever see Rems at a spot, I'll fuck him up. He obviously can't fight, that's why he bought a gun and Instagrammed it. Dude has a big mouth and no backbone.


-Fuck Rems. Bump EVERYBODY else. even the coke-heads, even the outoftowners, even the fucking toys who probably won't paint for more then a year. Fuck EVERYBODY who talks shit and can't back it up. Lets lobby for more real writers and less 100 lb, art school faggots from Gross Pointe.

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Nothing has changed on this site. Word BigDubl, grew up around the time the whole EB MH smashing was taking place. Huge rollers on semi trailers off 75. The game hasn't changed..the players have. Now there's more mouth that paint..

Detroit..One love

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I'll say it one more time, to avoid dumb bullshit, ROY, FTMD, or anyone that can relay a message directly, get at me. it would be real dumb to beef with a crew I look up to. but our spots, since their is only 2 of us, is not getting gone over, especially since the nigga you keep going over only does throws and rollers, it aint like you're doing burners over him, you did a throw over a throw, and now it is starting to get kind of dumb.


I'd rather settle this one quietly for a change, so please, get at me, before I cannot tell another person anymore not to smash on your shit. thanks.

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