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Issac Brock

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bump them flicks!!!! dillz I got you player, no need for loot, I'd be glad to hand the wax flicks to an og head like you than a young nigga.


bump dubl. bump them flicks!^


those jue tom hands all wasted! if there is any room, yall about to get some floatin hands above yall. sorry. I wont clip your shit, I didnt the last time I was up there. regardless, glad to see snax real spit keepin at it. don't give up. fuck what cats say, unless it is constructive crits.


peace. Jues1 BIA riptom1atm.

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will be posting retarded amount of flicks as soon as the photobucket gets paid for this week. also going out personally to take thousands of flicks this month as much new as I can get, including the west side and southwest. also got a baller 8x2 16 track layup I ain't giving away that some of yall know about. lots of old ld heads on em. lots of tko cats on em. if you got flicks, please post. I like the good old days of only 20 or so of us on here, but we also posted flicks daily. peace to all them niggas out in the streets. no beef. no hatred. life's to short.



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that frone was done by ..r.i.p jeru nrg , boom skwad . ..he was from newark n.j. where tame one and the .

artifacts r from.. hes in the ,artifacts wrongside of da tracks vid he also did the god and zen pieces on broadway in 95 prolly

i became good friends with him he was triple og almost 40 when i was 18.. ..anyways rest in peace one of new jereuzleum finest jeru ..nrg

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marm and mozik go hard.


Anyone going over anything Amo has painted, is a bad bad idea.


and old school knowledge is always the dope shit... there's a few people i would love to just hang out and shoot the shit with... you know, catch a history lesson, expand my mind.


also, i have never seen those sekt flicks, i'm HYPED.

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rems over anyone is a bad look, plus nigga we know where you live work at cuddle with your man nigga.


I got punched by AMO, I aint gonna front, I can fight, and eat some punches to the face, but the nigga would hurt 99 percent of yall niggas, bet. rems already went over mince, I wouldn't doubt it.


EH niggas going hard in the paint. bump. detroit niggas, bump. OG cats, thank you.

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