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Issac Brock

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Bump the freshman squad talking about making a junior varsity thread.... Just bc u

Paint in Detroit doesn't mean ppl wanna see it. Just bc it's easier here Dont mean

Shit. Half those dudes have better letters than dudes here. And more than half those bitches

Wear stretch pants every day.... Unless u like the pussy that's lurkin on

Fort street....

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Bump Ann Arbor, the side that the real G's know, not any of the people who are hating, you have obvi never been bro, and i know who one or two of you are, and you're obviously just jealous, I've seen your shitty tags around here, you know you love us. we know who has come through and done tags, so bump them. The rest of you without the gas money to make it here... Keep hatin.


the real Gs hang their hat in Ann Arbor, dontcha know?.....:rolleyes:

gettin ill with their fresh "tags"


i really dont think gas money is the issue here... most writers in detroit that still put in work and still live in the city arent strugglin for $$... quite the opposite...

Ann Arbor is not a destination, unless your cruising for young college trim or chill spots with trust funded fancy paint littered walls.


Just because a few heavy hitters came from AA, doesnt mean shit. Like my man said... they made their name in DETROIT, not ann arbor.

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Niets by germanfriday, on Flickr



Pack by germanfriday, on Flickr



Fleks x Aires x Niets by germanfriday, on Flickr



Niets x Acee by germanfriday, on Flickr



Lushy by germanfriday, on Flickr



Pemex by germanfriday, on Flickr



Head x Loaf by germanfriday, on Flickr



Marmer by germanfriday, on Flickr



Toro x Kiros by germanfriday, on Flickr



Dyke by germanfriday, on Flickr



Amuse x Optimist by germanfriday, on Flickr



Sway by germanfriday, on Flickr



Niets x Gasm by germanfriday, on Flickr



Pack x Rats x Aires by germanfriday, on Flickr



Rekobi x Niets x Hedake by germanfriday, on Flickr

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