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Issac Brock

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got a nigga wanting to break out the flicks. sitting on a ton of old justo game harp photos in a box from back in the day. will do my best to get to a scanner soon. amazing we coming up on 2013 and a nigga talking about trying to find a scanner for these flicks. bump harp. JUSTO.


and once again, you niggas, fucking props, that sway on seeeeweeed and that ndo pjs, I am not sure which one I like better no homo, but yall niggas really set the bar super high for rollers. good fucking shit. peace.

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UPDATE - Detroit


« THÜRINGEN - Press Factory Hall of Fame Bad Salzungen

VIDEO - Key To Success - Moods Plateau (2005) »

UPDATE - Detroit


Especially for Americans Detroit stands with his abandoned city and the vast wasteland as a symbol for the end of the American dream. By 1950 the city had nearly 1.9 million inhabitants, today there are still 700,000, what you look at the city as well. Approximately 35% of the city are now uninhabited, especially everything looks around the center of damaged and unreal. Where the triumph of the "American way of life" began the vacancy today attracts artists and graffiti writers from around the world. The roads in and around Detroit Downtown are painted as probably no other in the States. What Revok in his interview for the amateur magazine describes or in part in the Crack & Shine episode and the 'Detroit Beautification "project is documented times today we want to show in an extensive virtual tour of Motor City in detail. Nearly 200 current and interesting photos from this year's show in Detroit as it currently looks. Pieces of Pashto, Malt, Gasm, Revok, chaos, Elmer, Ceno, Purge, RUSLE, Aires, Marmer, Zeser or the NSF crew can be found at almost every street corner, to the numerous images of visitors from Europe or Australia. Those who want to continue to be about graffiti in Detroit in the loop should be the site piecesofdetroit.com bookmark. Chris, the owner of the site makes it there with his regular updates, a really good job! Anyone planning a trip to Detroit to see the live or where we may like to paint a mail we write then create a contact.



"Here in that city all the lines that are normally drawn between what's legal, what's illegal, what's art, what's not art you know none of it really matters there, it's just a simple human gesture." (POSE / MSK)


"I've painted a few cities over the years but Detroit definitely takes the cake. Everyone that comes here says the same thing. There's more here than anywhere abandoned buildings. "( STORI / KBT )


"You know, in any other big city, where there is a lot of stuff happening and there is a lot of business and a lot of creative people, you know spaces - it even if you are able to appropriate space and use it, be painting graffiti illegally or trying to do legal mural projects, it gets a bit difficult. Space is a high-value commodity, you are competing with advertisers who want to buy the wall, or business owners who have been burnt a couple times. Yeah you know what I mean. Whereas in Detroit, you do not have any of that shit.I think sixty percent of all buildings in Detroit are abandoned. And the ones that are not abandoned, these businesses they are struggling to hold on, they are struggling to stay in business. There just are not a lot of people out there who are motivated to do something, just for the sake of doing it. Like painting a wall just for the sake of it. You know, everybody is trying to survive there. So, when you approach people and say, hey I've got these very talented guys from Europe, they are great muralists, let us paint your wall for free, they are fucking thrilled, you know what I mean. And they are not trying to hold out because searching and such outdoor advertising wants to pay them ten thousand dollars, because no one is advertising in Detroit. There is nobody to advertise to. So, it's like a perfect place. "( Revok / MSK)


"Regarded by many as the automotive capital of the world, the city of Detroit has seen a steady, and ever-increasing economic decline over the last several decades. A once ridiculously successful automotive industry spurred growth to rival the largest cities in the world. Since that growth has slowed, stopped and reversed the remaining symbols of the once great empire are slowly returning to the earth, leaving behind empty husks of man's ingenuity. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Born from these ashes is a vibrant and flourishing street art community. In addition to the excellent talent hometown, Detroit is thus drawing some great artists from cities across the country and the world. The goal of this website is to showcase the beauty of these resulting artist's tireless efforts. As Detroit begins to pick up the pieces of it's broken pride, Pieces of Detroit brings light to the pride that never faltered. "( piecesofdetroit.com )



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1920's haircut = 90% of you fags in detroit





^^^ you obviously do not know very many writers here, because frankly I cannot name off a single person here with a fancy haircut.


But please, tell us "fags" what other great facts you know about us.



This thread loves being extremely manic... Great flicks of some of the best graffiti in the world, and the hardest bitching and shit lipping 12oz has ever seen.


Feel free to shut the fuck up now everyone, lets see some snowy flicks.

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