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Issac Brock


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good fucking morning. night. whatever it is. qberts wave twisters in full has more of my attention than posting more flicks. more another time. enjoy, steal, repost, whatever. peace to everyone. peace to being bi polar. peace to dead niggas. peace to yall that still visit the thread to look at flicks. peace too ALL that are in the streets, no matter what the fuck I have ever said, real spit with Rollow Goodman. god bless....






























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bump that o.g. DIBS EB MH...FOREVER A LEGEND

ALL the Low down peeps

aires tcp dfw eb

teck money

my homie paksta


nasty nietz krushing


and last but not least bomber of the month goes too purge uc and affilietes they killed sum tougn ass high dope spots standing out on lil 6 inch ledges 8 freaking stories up..props ..i wish i was in my 20,s again......

s.w. detroits... d.f.dubs ...mctk .two lets git it

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jue why do you still talk on here nigga, your americas number one most hated graffiti writer. i think you should quit soon buddy, but you prolly wont cause you cant stop and you wont stop. RIP TOM 1

yo korn if you domnt shut the fuck up nigga ill make you.

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IM only a facebook gangster, for some.fuckin reason I cant post ne more fliks.on this fuckin website, so fucl.it.. Until then... ill talk shit, toca homo... Ill punch u in.the.throat.. Hahaha george.michels

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glad to see that "TOM" .dude is a beast from japan? had a blast with him in bangkok. pushin msk now?? and d30...fuckin dope


He's been from MSK for a long ass time now. Didn't know he was pushing D30 now. R.I.P Detroit's TOM.

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