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Issac Brock

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yo WAH, I didnt know you put seks down, horrible look, what, 5 street spots in like 5 years. but as he quoted, if I go over seks on that 6 mile legal wall, I gotta deal with WAH, who does more painting than talking on the net. I respect the fuck out of yall, some of the nicest and realest cats I met in detroit, but please, yall niggas can go put someone else on that wall, if you paint with SEKS, OR SLOE, just know that from now on, your wall is getting shit on. that doesnt mean I am going over anyone else, just those 2, but ya know, do what you gotta do. yall niggas know how I operate. if you see me at a chill spot, and you come up on me, fully expect for one of us to die, I will not continue to paint with 1 person or alone, and get ran up on. if it is 1 on 1, Im game, I can handle my own, if amo cannot knock me the fuck out with a smash to my jawline clean, I really am not worried about 90 percent of you in this city actually doing any damage with a punch, and I know what my fists are capable of. just a heads up.


elmer, never was about you or I, thanks for reaching out to ekot and not me. this beef would of never ended without her, sorry about your spots, keep crushing, shit, maybe tom will even come to you in a no homo dream and shake your hand. seriously though, even though you had every reason to cap remaining spots, you didnt touch another tom, I guess, thanks. lets agree to disagree, you were wrong, mince was wrong, I was wrong, ekot was wrong, but in the end, it is principles, so what did we learn this month scumbags?...


probably nothing, but for fucks sakes, MSK, NSF, FTMD, LD, DFW, please let your niggas know when they visit this fine city that tom is dead, and jue is really fuking bi polar, and does not usually think before he acts, so we can all save ourselves from another fucking dumb situation like the one we just had. as far as I know, it is over, lets leave it at that.


and last but not least, good ol JUE1 decided to break out the camera and found his old love for taking flicks, of everyone, for this city to see. at one time this thread popped with flicks, from all cats in the streets. this last year really sucked for this thread, so allow me, most of the reason it sucks in the first place, to go back to my roots lol. posting flicks. god bless, stay up, happy horrid holidays, and if your name is not seks or sloe, I honestly have no issue with you, regardless if you hate me. lifes to short for all this bullshit, and believe it or not, this city still is big enough for all of us, lifetime locals, to suburban hipsters that moved here, to out of town niggas that want to be a part of something they will never be. sorry. but detroit niggas area rare breed. 7 mile raised, 6 mile PAID! peace.








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still riding, and I swear it moved. but it didnt. I just ingest lots of drugs, and smoke alot (rip) of really good weed. I also probably have aids, or cancer, so I contribute that to the reason I never notice this shit, even though I drive past it at least once a day. AIRES. fresh as spot. east side. no need for street names. hint. it is in detroit.




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east side. I am not asking litterally because it is not my business, but I thought this beef was over to? couldn't of fooled me. I swear I keep seeing these niggas go at it on spots on the east I go past daily. but than again as previously stated, I probably have mesofeelimiiomosisisis or whatever it is called from 15 years of inhaling shit I shouldnt be in old buildings that shouldnt be there anymore either....



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fuck. did I just seriously post a sloe? cant tell from the small flick, and instead of viewing flicks before posting, Id rather talk shit. the lions suck, have since I stopped caring back in 91, the pistons need to draft the ghost of magic johnson when he dies, the aids magic johnson, the red wings won the american league pennant, and the tigers are going to go 0-16 this year, and be the first professional womens soccer team to win the super bowl with john daly coaching them from a poker table in hell. bill bonds is the assistant head coach. jenny jones will teach rape fighting techniques. I still till this day jack off to old episodes of rikki lake, no homo. more flicks later. without as much talk. SIKE. 1 paragraph for every flick sounds about right.

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You're a small, sad little man dude. I gotta be real though it's a lot easier to both walk and network ever since I had the 200lb shit talking tumor surgically removed from my rectum. You go ahead and keep rolling with it, it's only a matter of time before your roommate sees through your bullshit and you've sucked him dry, all of your bridges are burned, and I'm tossing quarters into your cup downtown.


PS, from one father to another I'd recommend you kill that dumb shit about people dying unless you mean it, cuz I'm not goin anywhere yet.

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