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Issac Brock

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I can't judge shit on here....ain't nobody else can either I'm sayin'. This thread's filled with cats who paint 20 years ago, or niggas who started 1 year ago.....been retired for a while, brand new, or who still is fuckin' BLESSED to be able to give it their all this very second.


Some cats from outta state, some from the burbs, few born & raised in this hellhole city. And no matter where the writer falls, there's all sorts of levels of pride & expectations in so many things that there's bound to be head bumpin' & disagreements.


No matter how, when, where, or why you paint. No matter where you come from, where you been, or where you're heading.....no matter if you give a fuck in life, or don't or have incredible responsibilites or not a single one in life....I guess I'm sayin' to everybody keep doin' the damn thing. Whether graf makes your world go round, or your world enjoys graf being in your life no matter the emotional attachment involved, you doing you.


Few cats dropped knowledge on me here that I ain't listen to in the past. You ain't gonna find no real respect here, no real beef, no real spittin' to muthafuckas on serious shit, no feelin' muthafuckas from a totally different planet than where you're from. Real talk, you come on here & look at pretty pictures & eventually watch a scene you grew to love with pride... change from what you know it as....and it'll happen to us all eventually if you really put in work to have loved this shit.


This shit here...I'm good to say goodbye to. For those who ain't leavin' the ounce alone.....I envy you muthafuckas, it means you still doin' you & still got the ability in life to smash. Big ups on that & peace.

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nigga you drunk again?^ lets go hit a street spot...


"also, the new purge and agent spots i've been seeing lately, god damn are they clean."

...real talk, when them niggas not clean as fuck? just saying, not being a dick.


ceno! agent finally finished that boy next the revok in that one building in that 1 hood. go find it. retarded big boris flicks! it hit me yesterday, this thread used to be so poppin with flicks, now, well. figures the most smashed we seent this city and there aint but 1 or 2 niggas that post either there flicks, or, well, fuck you sarcasm. punk bitch. who the fuck goes around introducing herself as excusemysarcasm from 12 oz? you do. pussy.


peace to dfgok. peace to functioning alcoholics that are fucking jokes for friends. peace to that nigga pak! keep your head up nigga.


on a final note, loaf, fuck you. tom said so...

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