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Issac Brock

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^ the only time fohr ever speak is when he is smashed drunk. it usually don't come out to good. remember when revok and msk finally just stopped vacationing in detroit and just crushed for fuck, how long now? remember when niggas was all about me going and shitting on msk joints for no reason other than welcoming them niggas to the hood? well, "chaos" is a fucking vet. the nigga crushes harder than most of the niggas in this thread, myself included, for over a year now. I call that being out in them streets gettin it, not out of town vacation bullshit. most cats that talk on here, or use the word toy, don't even step in these streets at night. screw been in detroit for mad years, reyes, now them niggas just got a home. they here. they been here. IF YOU AINT IN THEM STREETS, preaching to the jesus choir.


in the end, nothing matters. it's just writing your name on a wall, and a bunch of faggots arguing over who has the best worst letters. it's all fucking internet opinion. you're all going to fucking die. get up off this bitch and go write your name in the streets...or just get drunk and talk shit like usual. you got all the fucking answers nigga.


rip tom. fuck the milky galaxy. you can all fucking die. juesfuckyouandfuckcrews. 1.


peace to all in the streets, especially niggas who never stopped since the day they started. some of you niggas on this thread take mighty long fucking vacations, while niggas like "chaos" steady fucking crush.



re-read, sure sound like dick riding to me, no homo. but I stand by my words, fuck crews. paint. peace.

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I like them^ (naturally) no homo. I wonder if ja and dont had a love child (no homo)

what that nigga would write? jont? dant? loaf? remember when loaf was

heavy on the block, but then it got crossed out to make it say that nigga

just heavy. is he? does getting shot make you lose weight? I know smoking

crack does. and aids. niggas that with aids that smoke that shit, whew. them

niggas got something. fuck south beach and atkins. loaf told me the way he

slims down is by having unprotected sex with suspect women on fort and smokes

crack with drew the nigga with the mechanical arm on the east side.

"yo you think that nigga will come off that arm?"

he didn't. benzos and beers. yo loaf, lets get together and hit a wall soon. pussy.



:laugh1: :laugh1: WOW! the mechanical arm tho.

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let me fuck this stupid thread that nobody ever fucking goes on anymore like the good old days up a little more, yo fohr, remember when you put me down in dfw, and asked me to push a crew, and than I put these 2 niggas down cause they fam, and in the end, I was in them streets, with no back, while you was on vacation? why would you let someone like me destroy a fucking historic crew? good job idiot. what a fucking joke.



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