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Issac Brock

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that^ fuck yes, NSF, lowfis1 hands popping up so I can write is fat, and balding underneath all of them, this city is crushed dumb. word to the wise, unlike some people, I do not believe in any "rules" of graf, so now that NSF has manned up and took responsibility, in sincerely one of the nicest cats in graf I ever dealt with, if anyone even goes over a jue hollow, I am smashing your pretty colors with ugly fireboy colors. 20 spots a night. leave my fucking shitty graf where it at. that way, no feelings get hurt. also, fuck you loaf, you fat fuck. pm me your number since everyone fucking hates your humpty dumpty lookin asshole face and nobody seems to have it to give out. nigga I talked for years here, and understand that because of it, I am always ready to squab. but I have no beef, with anyone in dfw gok, or my niggas sloe and a7 and the dfw that fohr runs. I dont care about bullshit beef and idle threats, but you nigga, the sooner the better you fucking idiot.


juesefer1492columbusser. tom1 is fucking dead.

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jue go fight someone in real life. its sweet.


trust me I try, ask eater. like how 7 of his friends in gp got punked out, with mad people there to witness it. niggas are straight up hoes. other than that, I fight in real life, and never ducked shit. the same niggas that threaten to kill my family like a fucking joke, are the same niggas that didn't ever do shit when they were in front of my face. if anyone wants to fight me, just throw a fucking punch, I'll play trust me. but other than loaf, I dont feel the need to fight. the niggas that want to fight me want to fight over words, so let them come up on me, Im still at chill spots every week, and a pm is all it takes to get at me to throw them bitches. real fucking talk.


on to the hs shit, you niggas are all fucking dumb. that is me and my nigga blue. if you stupid fucks havent figured out by now that he and I play by the same rules, aka, fuck your stupid "rules" about graf, youre fucking retarded. yall know I dont give 8 fucks what your name is, what crew you with, how long you been at it. if you aint dead, you fair game. maybe niggas from MSK, and any other crew or writers who isnt ACTUALLY FROM DETROIT should understand by now that you can call us toys, bitches, talk shit, whatever. we write everywhere we go. daytime, night time, and if a nigga even had a hand that got gone over, well, fuck your colors. and your crew. and you. like I said, there is plenty of fucking walls. yall niggas ever go deep west? try it. walls for fucking years. but here on the east side, "TOYS" that live in these hoods run shit. fuck what you heard. fuck your feelings. and a real big fuck you to faggots that dont paint but still cheer from the sideline. fuck you to.



but yo, peace to all that is out in them streets, those hs going over shit can be stopped. but remember, talking to me in person rationally will do you way more than talking to me here, and dont forget, we east side till we die, I and Blue, and we live here, so the second your shit goes up, it can come right the fuck down with some "toy" shit.


JUE1 HS leader of the super toys. Nigga Im not just a toy, im the fucking president of toys for 3 years straight. got toy of the year 4 times in a row. what they give you? nothing, just the attitude and drive to die in these fucking streets with a bullet in my face if that is what it takes, cause motherfuckers, I aint gone anywhere yet in 5 years, and I have no real plans of stopping. so lets be rational and try diplomacy, or just keep wasting your fucking paint I dont care.



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^ not a bad article either, shit was written well, didn't make him out as an asshole. I've seen quite a few interviews happen with writers, and the final product was not even close. shit one of you niggas was in 2 different articles if I recall correctly, the 2nd was way out of context and misquoted. whatever. good shit. it'd be nice to see that bitch nothing but burners and more old school detroit niggas invited to hit a spot that has been illegal and a part of this cities history for as long back as most can remember...



edit. I didn't even talk shit to anyone. fuck that shit. sloe has the worst throw I have ever seen.

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saw that sombody whipped paint balloons at that death of graffiti wall sever did in hamtramck. Sad too see sombody dissed it. Legal walls that are being done are some of the only real art hamtramck and the locals have to look forward too looking at everysingle day of there lives...:(





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^what about yours?


hardest, shittiest throw this side of woodward. my throw makes babies. my throw makes obama give niggas more financial aid. my throw makes loaf skinny with hair. my throw makes niggas dress like the joker. my throws beat women and catch domestic violence cases. but yes, my throw sucks to. at least I got 1 though. it always amazes me that niggas can piece out and do burners, but cant do a simple throw to save their life. then again, if you put a pistol to my face and said draw a straight line first try, I'd say go ahead I had a pretty good fucking life and you're not about to do anything to me that I don't think about doing on a daily basis.


also, I have a really good fucking idea who fucked up that legal wall you're talking about. same m/o. sounds about right. but problem is, she is a groupie, and a girl. but yo, I have no moral filter, if MSK wants to hire me for 20 dollars, I have no problem punching a girl in the mouth.


fuck graf, beat women, kill yourself.

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