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Issac Brock

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yo wickedwacko, im not enve. you wanna hear what i got to say clear out dat inbox mr. "real nigga"

ps that ward tag is crisp




^^if thats not a dems bite i dont know what is. but that looks alot like some older dems shit. dont come at me all hard buddy, if you dont like what people have to say get your soft ass off 12oz.....my inbox is all cleard out, feel free to talk as much shit to me as you like im excited to see what you have to say.

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u been drinkin haterade player...


dont get me wrong, i give mad props to you and all your msk buddy's and everybody out there doing there thing. i do believe this is a public forum and on this public forum people speak there opinions its not like im talking shit. am i doing something wrong here? do understand theres a very big scene in detroit right now with alot of talented writers.

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