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is this dsd dude serious, hes the hardest keyboard thug ever, ragging shit with a fire extinguisher and flappin his gums all over the internet, hows this guy still clogging this thread with nonsense. sarcasm do yor flick thing its good to see pics instead of talk

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Been listening to that dpd audio feed. At first its just a bunch of talk.

Then you begin to understand the flow of radio traffic and whos who.

I cant seem to find a list of DPD radio codes. Trying to figure out

the meaning of the numbers they are saying. They are either unit

numbers or code with other meanings. Im guessing its both

There is some value here anyone running around doing crime who

has a smartphone and some earbuds. You hear dispatch describe

the crime and location. Dispatch is easy to understand. You hear squad

cars respond that they are "en route". You hear if they have back up.

You hear the back and forth between the beat cop and dispatch once

they get on scene. You hear them reading off license plates.

Its a crime in itself to use this for crime. I suppose thats the catch but

its not a catch if you dont get caught.

lastnight was wild. A cold rainy thursday with constant crazy talk.

Wonder what the weekend in the summertime sound like

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as serious as most these niggas that come on this thread got herpes. I aint gonna say no names, but them niggas know who they are.


look dude, I aint said shit in days, lets keep it that way. I aint gotta talk anymore. I still got spots to be taken. and I still roll around every night with a fireboy in the whip just in case. and, the fact that every real nigga that wants to really get at me, they know they can, damn near anytime, it's they really don't want to see me. trust me. if them pussies did, they woulda did something when they had the 10 chances these last few months.


lets let dsd just fade away into internet thugery oblivion. but yo, just like most the ld heads that talk shit to me, or any out of towner, you just pm me if you got spots in detroit, and I will handle them for you. otherwise keep your fucking mouth shut, hoes.



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And this? I spent my time as a toy, with farms, before he was farms. So I pre-date this "second generation group"...and you're leavin' out them small ass turtles all over the place. Them were all over in like 93, 94. That's what inspired me. And taking photos came later, to sorta capture everything before it decayed away.[/color]


ya its kool im not tryin to lay down no law just my memories

and turtle is my homeboy and the first turtle in the d he told me was 98 99 soo .(actually i just called him trtl. dead krak head whoever and he said 2002 is when he really went off). u no what u saw if u drove around the d lookin at graff in 95 but...kool u no farms tell wad up.. anyway like listening to police scanners while oz.ing

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RIght, man. Same here. I remember that harp on I-94, and seven daze. Those smiley faces with the crossed out eye. Oh, and hekno to techno spray painted on the side of my loft. Wish I had a picture of that...


Nice upload, glen.


For abcs (i heard some cities have a built in delay):





ward by ExcuseMySarcasm, on Flickr

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