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Found some photos from 2005  

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sarcasm, you trying that retarded role reversal shit you do with your wife where she fucks you in the asshole with a replica of your 2 inch cock with me (no homo) does not work. nigga you can talk about how I talk about cock in my posts, supposedly alot (rip) but the fact that you keep bringing up my graf name and cock in the same sentence constantly, makes me think that you think about other niggas cocks, constantly, no homo, no more talking of you thinking of being a gay ass nigga...cause you are.


you might be, and that is cool with me. see I understand that I use the word faggot a lot, but any of yall that actually have met me, and know me, know that I don't give 2 fucks what you do behind closed doors. it's none of my business.


sarcasm you see where I am going with this? nigga not only do I suspect your mad homo, but you're also most likely mad homophobic to, and you're still a faggot ass crew dick riding dick hopping faggot. and you aint no fucking man because when I pm'ed you to settle this like a fucking man with fists, you sent me a pm talking about how your aunt is the assistant for Kim Worthy.


nigga when you gonna learn? yeah you obviously are more book smart than I am. but you honestly know not one real thing about me. don't worry guy it's ok. it's nice to have fans. it's nice to know my dick is in this whole cities mouth, and to take a cue from my nigga elmer, who has been nothing but a upstanding motherfucker and a real man through all this bullshit that I have caused over the last couple months, sarcasm this is where you stop reading cause you aint a real writer....



nigga ld dont run jue1, or anyone affiliated. if you know what the fucks up, you know what the fucks up. at anytime elmer and I can squash this truce I got with him and gasm and LD can fucking get it, just like amhoe the bitch that didn't say shit to gram in real life, and didn't do shit 2 on 1 with pak against hafas, at the PACKARD of all places, and any other crew in this city can fuck get it. the sooner the rest of yall niggas learn in this city what the real niggas in this city learned a long time ago, you cant stop me from talking shit, and I dont give a fuck about graf. I will shit on all your spots, and DIE for this shit, because nigga I am more real, real fucking ignorant, than any of yall here. and if you feel different, than run up on a nigga, and shut me up for fucking good.


till then, lets all agree to disagree, the more yall talk about me, the more I talk, and the more this thread sucks. sarcasm please shut your fucking mouth, I will do the same. I pinky promise girl.


peace to the very few of you left in this city that is smart enough not to engage in retarded shit with me. both in the streets, and on this thread.

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