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Issac Brock

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for the sake of trivial chit-chat,

i'd just wanted to say

im a bit sad

to've missed the 'cart_monkey'

very brief return.


tho, perhaps

i suppose, as william s. wrote, brevity is the soul of wit.



i apologize lots of oldish stuff/reposts.




P1014075 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015689 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015482 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P10147680 by greyasunder, on Flickr




P1015473 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015586 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015433 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1011982 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015556 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015570 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015480 by greyasunder, on Flickr




P1015663 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015831 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015738 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015766 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015721 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015442 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015483 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015534 by greyasunder, on Flickr




P1015618 by greyasunder, on Flickr

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lmao, yeah nah, that aint the email, I never sent that shit idiot, that one is old news, nah, revok knows what's up, and unlike ld, I do got respect for msk, and chances are, their spots will be the only baller shit riding in this city anymore. other than you know, everyone outside of ld. their shit can ride all day to. but yo thanks for that repost. I wish I was that big of a bitch.

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P1015715 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015855 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015786 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P10156132 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015661 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015870 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015511 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015555 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P10158642 by greyasunder, on Flickr



P1015493 by greyasunder, on Flickr

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god it was so good, and I lost it, so lets try one more time....


yo sarcasm, please don't speak to me, because truth is, while I was blindly willing to murder for loaf and fbs at one time, and I took mad flicks, I always painted chill spots. you never painted shit. ever. you ride gasms dick harder than revoks, never thought that was possible. and for the record no matter what I said, my point was, my throw letters, THROWS, all I do, you know what, never mind. sarcasm, you're not a man, don't speak to me.


no onto my nigga elmer, you are so correct. fohr, pluto, wish, and myself, are really jealous of yall. I mean obviously everyone in ld is better than anyone I just listed. but let me tell you why we are really jealous of yall, it aint your graffiti....


reft-niggas a joke. runs ld almost as well as loaf and deth did fbs. learned from the best. oh, and since you're such a safe writer, most of your spots are easy to smash, not really to high profile. thanks. oh, and you went to art school. almost forgot. this nigga actually pays student loans from an art school. can you believe that? damn reft, you're not only a liar, AIRBORNE RANGER! but you went to art school yet can't do much more than a good straight letter. mad jealous.


gray-ya know I never had a bad thing to say about dude. still dont. just so happens he likes young boys, and the nigga is a mexican weeble wobble, real talk. jealous.


gasm-586!!!! and 5 hours a night for 5 nights to actually really smash all his spots. yeah we're actually starting to get jealous more and more.


pak-5-3 126 pounds of straight g. niggas more limp wristed than my sons new born baby sister. nigga takes breaks during the day to put lotion on his hands but he aint ashy.


amo-fight me.


and finally elmer. 36 mile. got his pussy broke open by fbsk. blindly followed just like you do now. nigga you are the present, and you are the future, but god, and we have all known this, and by we, sarcasm, I mean niggas that actually use to chill and be boys, not dick ride from the 12 oz flikr sidelines, fud you are dumb. it's the truth, sorry player.



so yeah I will give you before we got jealous and decided to shit on gasm harder than any local has been shit on in years, and we follow that up with keeping up on all his spots all city, while randomly taking out reft, and pak, and amo if the nigga actually painted a spot more than once a month, yes elmer, I crossed the line. I was even man enough to apologize, to even revok if he ever got the email, and all of the regulars on this thread, and had sloe change my password, I couldn't talk if I wanted to, and called a truce with el refto. that lasted one day. your crew broke that truce.


the truth is fud, you motherfuckers are a joke of a crew. loosely affiliated, no real leader, no real direction. fuck yeah yall crush, and yall crush propper.


now allow me to show you how I crush. yall niggas just go ahead and say you're sorry, and leave us the fuck alone. and it all stops. till that day, I have no allies, I have no friends, and as far as I am concerned your spots are all day to. sorry, but it's the truth player. mince, tek, loaf, and dems. none of those cats will get shit on. everyone else in your crew, fair game.



bump all of dfw before me, on both sides, but at the same time, fuck you if you aint us. Im done trying to reason with your "crew."


never seen any1 this bad care about vandalism as much as this dude....LD runs the midewest. FUCK YOUR LIFE

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Yo Fud.. Haha Dsd/jue is super jealous of u big dawg. He misses times we let him follow us around

And feed his broke hungry ass. What did he have to do wash dishes for loaf or some shit.

Haha then we found out how much of a bitch he really is and kicked his ass to the curb

So now what he found his way to fohr. Sucks him off prison style so now fohr let's him rep his Dfw..

I think that's weak bro. Dsd ur a bitch! Can't wait till we cross paths. I'm going to drop that 208 lb

Real quick.

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man, the horrid shit I could say right now. but instead I will leave it at this, and then I am gonna leave, no more talking for the threads sake. ld dont run shit in my life. your own niggas in your crew admit to me on the phone that since my dick is in your mouth so hard, obviously as seen the last 5 pages, and I got under your skin so hard, cause I am the king nigga. ld dont run shit, JUE1 runs shit. see you can have my spots. I still got all yours to do what I please. when you niggas are ready to admit you're wrong and you're sick of you shit getting fucking destroyed, you pm me, I will randomly check over the months.


here is a list of who gets it, right off rip, from tonight till you niggas decide you're done fucking with myself, and anyone affiliated with me.


everyone. but the cats I dont beef with. you know who you are. your spots wont be fucked with. msk spots, sorry your shit got caught up the other night, I didnt do that, but I hold responsibility over myself for that one, so when you get that pm you know who you are lets get that settled.


yo gasm, reft, elmer, you got my little 30 spots or so. but I got the last 5 years of your work in the palm of my hands. you let me know when you feel like quitting. I'm officially done talking on this thread for good. it's been fun kids. I mean it this time. peace to all yall I met, even you faggots I ended up hating. it's been fun.

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