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Found some photos from 2005  

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them chicago niggas that rolled through with kosek that particular time were all cool as fuck, real nice cats to talk to, real respectful. I got to see that wall painted and hang out and I cannot say anything bad about dude on the wall. the rest of chicago can go eat a fat dick.


double edit. never mind I'm high. hammer fist retards.

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wait, slow , your condradicting your self by calling me a bitch nigga. because dosen't talking shit and not leaving a name fall under the category of being a bitch nigga? and thats what hardstylefaggit does. i try not to talk shit usually, but when i do, yall ready know who i am.



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...ya know when yall niggas need to stop talking and post some fucking flicks? when my dumb ass gets on here and says shut the fuck up. this city is on fire no homo poppin off with niggas from all over the country, added to a city that already had a roster of heavy hitting vets and niggas from the swl/fbs days still smashin.


this city stay smashed out, and there is no fucking reason yall niggas cannot at least just throw in a fucking flick when you talk about shit that nobody fucking cares about. gans everyone knows where you paint at, it's the only spot left in this city you can go to and hope you dont run into someone like me. shut your fucking mouth you fucking bitch made gp snitch. all you fucking grosse pointe cunts, that don't even hit streets, shut your fucking mouth, and post flicks.


and for fuck sake, if you cant fight (gans) and you know that shit, or you aint willing to throw down on site with your enemies, dont fucking talk shit on this thread. it angers motherfuckers like myself, and when you get caught slippin it makes it that much fucking worst. SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND POST FLICKS.


peace and props to sarcasm, WARD! and the few of yall that helped keep this thread alive the last few years. I've posted over 13,000 flicks on this site, most I took. I try to keep my mouth shut now a days, but yall bumped your head type niggas make it hard. flicks in a few...






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