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Issac Brock

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GLEN BENTON eats meth pills, true story.


lol, so now I'm down for adderall? nah, pills and junk like that are for suckers and chumps.


blow is fun, in moderation, as in, when people keep giving it to me for free, i'mma toot it, but you'll never catch me buying anything.


and by fun drugs... i meant...












and that elmer roller i posted isn't the elmer from here, it's a biter in cali.

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I did 18 hits of acid at one time when I was younger trying to find jesus. I lugged around an old school bible all night, almost ran over a kid, and almost got put on the sex offender list for peeing on my neighbors bay window at 8 am. good times. bump that farski.

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I almost asked you what illogical path lead you to take 18 hits to find the jebus, but then, I was all, it's fucking dsd we're talking about here.[/color]


good choice my swell internet friend. but...to make a long story short, my homie at the time in 97 emptied his bank account on acid for parties at the time, and we just ate a lot of acid that summer instead of selling it. good times, good people, unlike yall, whom I hate, all of you. I hope you all get fucking bed bugs, and bedsores, fuckers. especially glen benton, cause he wears tight pants, and secretly wants to be a rollerblader. pro.



edit. 12 oz spam, bump.

edit edit, I propped the spam.

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you know, I was gonna say something, like fuck gans, bump ward, but that ward is one of the worst ones I've seen, with the exception of that w. that w does make me want to knock gans the fuck out.


Must be old as hell, and fuck Gans. The difference between them is that nobody will ever look at Gans shit n say wow that must be old, bc it will alwaysbe garbage.

Bump ward n how far he.s come, and again fuck the wankster ass toy Gans.

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