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Found some photos from 2005  

Posted Images

Alright gans let's see who's shit rides and whos don't, pretty sure Tom, Jue, Hez and a shitload of

Other writers took your spots out...Shit, most of mine are still up, get on that bitch and I haven't even been in this shit that long and your game is still wack as fuck....fuck y'all toy

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Hahahaha aren't you real cool? Let's just see what happens bitch,

Where your spots at kid, wait there isn't even one gans riding? Thank god see one, that piece is gone in a fuckin heart beat. PM pussy, even better....stop hiding behind your damn computer like a pansy and come say it to my damn face. Wait you won't cause that's what your known for. Get at me kid

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Everyone shut up and leave king snitch aka gans alone. If you talk to him or about him he starts thinking he matters. I mean the kids step dad that's raising him "used" to be gay but now married his mom...i understand why he's so confused and fussy. Plus all the times him and his ex boyfriend Rayd have been beat up by Justin Bieber looking Grosse points high school skaters brah. Chill out on the whole toy shit before i post shit of yours from less than a year ago when you were the most whack writer out trying to use Gasms letters. NGB!! you're far from the next generation...ill give that to real young writers like the homies Lusher, Rant, ect. And quit posting flicks of Riku and flipping it around saying its Toke.

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alls I got was you like dick. riding. faggot.


That's called projection. I'm very sure you and sloer can find plenty of dick riding to do when you sit in his lap and play on his computer. If this is a forum for writers, what the fuck are you doing here, toy? Besides making yourself look stupid. This is a thread for graffiti photos. And guess what I do? Besides making you look stupid.


I take photos of quality graffiti. Wait, how odd is that? A forum for graffiti photos. And a graffiti photographer. That is so weird! Here's a photo of a quality writer smashing the shit out of some hack toy:


msk by ExcuseMySarcasm, on Flickr

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sarcasm you can talk that toy shit all you want, at least I get the fuck out and paint. this is the last time I address your snitch ass. 30 something year old bitch made faggot dick riding "photographer." go ahead and snitch on this, I dont give a fuck, best believe when I see your bitch ass I am punching you in your face. send that to your wayne county prosecuter family member! nigga you are worst than gans, how is that possible. oh wait, cause you claim to be a 20 year vet. dont speak to me until the day I see you face to face, then you can plead your bitch ass whining before I blow your jaw out. go ahead snitch, copy and paste.


edit. bump the niggas I know personally from painting in these streets, not dick riding the sidelines on an internet forum hiding because you aint a man. bump young man refto, DEMS!, my brother fohr, ceno coming through smashing streetsides, arnie and gilbert ltk/syw. and the homies.

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