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Found some photos from 2005  

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you obviously didn't get that pm huh?


I got the pm, and it was as inane as anything you type publicly, but I find this interesting:


my style' date=' and MY letters, are the closest original throw in this city[/quote']




That is fucking hilarious, but then I thought about it, and I think you were being serious. At that point I got sad. You strike me as the borderline personality type that reality shows are always looking for, you have a warped sense of entitlement and an unwarranted narcissistic streak. Whine all you want, you paint like a toy, you act like a toy, even sound like a toy, therefore, you are a toy. I don't care that a bird doesn't want to be called a bird. It's a bird. I don't care that a shitty photographer with delusions of grandeur thinks he is a writer when he is a toy. He's a toy.


You don't want to hear what others think of what you do? Here's a free tip, paint in your fucking basement. For reals, save the rest of us the hassle of seeing more toy shit damaging the reputation of the graffiti culture in Detroit. Your opinion that no one should comment on graffiti unless you paint is stupid. When does it stop? Do you have to be all city? All nation? Must one have 5,000 freights, and a crew first? Or a street spot running untouched for ten years?


Toy please, you are not a writer, and at this rate you will never be one...



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huh?^ I don't understand. Can you dumb it down for me just a little bit, dickrider? Fuck you post that flick for? Seriously? Are you just posting a random flick because you were talking about riding dicks and getting married in "the dequindre cut?" Or are you trying to tell me that Mozik is awesome and has one of the most original throws this city has seen? Are you saying you are mozik? Can you please clear this up for me? I'm dumb.




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handstand bootyclap attempt around 3.20 beyond that not sure what to say.


That bitch knows GOT DAMN well she wouldnt look the way she does if she actually hopped on a bike for something other than filming this video.


Although something tells me DSD would smash given the opportunity.

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I wonder who'd win in a fight, kreayshaun, little debbie, and v nasty vs. that hoe and her bike. yo just cause I love me some fat girls dont mean I aint got standards. get it right. fat girls got qualities. that hoe aint got no quality. I kinda wanna punch her in the mouth for some reason. so those are the 4 female mcs I heard this last year. girls should stick to the kitchen and laundry room.


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:lol: :lol: :lol: BAHAHAHAHAHA...that video is priceless that chic looks just like that bitch....i love this thread.


that "bitch" was bombing before you could even grow a crustash. Oh and she did it with more style than most you. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: wait i forgot this too:lol: :lol: :lol:

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