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Issac Brock


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Lulz, I like to come here for the lulz. Just readin' this shit half the time makes my face hurt. I, for one, am stoked all those guys came through. I love the work most Detroit artists do, but honestly a lot of the fucking city straight up feels stale to me. Shitty throws, horrid handstyles, pathetic rollers, I am not impressed. I use to see a lot of innovation in the graffiti of Detroit, but not anymore. A lot of you are taken in by the celebration of mediocrity. I don't care where the out of towners bit their style from, as long they can apply that artful theft with skill. And they do. Some of the REYES work I have seen has been up, untouched, un-defaced, and un-dissed for-fucking-ever.


I hope more out of towners come. Wake some of you up. Here's a pic, fuckers...and I made sure it was old and already posted:




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freeway spots from january 05


bump these freeways. this is how i remember detroit when i first started visiting here in 05. pretty sure i remember my friends making fun of me for wanting to do throw ups here and insisting i rock straights on everything. bump all the new shit too. the d is really popping off.

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fucking art fags. it's still just all opinion. the cats that started this before we were seeds pushed it, and generations after them pushed it. and coming from a background where I am still very close with cats that not only helped laid the foundation, but pushed styles in this city still appreciate grimy ass throws, hands, and rollers. so it's nice you don't like that shit, that's on you. but at the same time, this ain't fucking art class. if you ain't in them streets, your opinion means dick. nothing. keep flicking. I'll make sure my crew keeps making this city ugly as fuck, and go over whoever goes over us. dsd...

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Man...balance, lines, color and STYLE is not just an "artfag" thing. I hate that term...It's meaning has changed and given people excuses to just make bullshit. Not knocking anybody's work as it is a huge risk to put yourself on these streets and paint. (There are cats that will bust your head straight open for painting on their business...I know)


However, the way things are...it seems like things are devolving to a prehistoric state. Cats who hung up their gloves shouldn't be the only ones putting out fresh stuff whenever they show up to a session. The next ARMY should have been here a long time ago...


Once again, not talking about anyone, just responding everything I have read in general. That's what a forum is for. I shouldn't have to post a disclaimer, but people get butt hurt when you step on their shoes. They are only shoes...

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we done had our next army. his name is elmer. closest this city has seen since army. I was just stating,

that other than a fad, with cliques like high school, graffiti is just an opinion. myself, I love handstyles

and well put hollows and throws over burners anyday. hood ass spots. getting chased by cops. that's

just me. but at the same time, I say art fag, I mean just that. if you're a photographer, and have

never had the feeling of being chased by cops, shot at, ran from jackers, had to deal with d boys,

and all the other shit that comes with bombing hood spots, than you have no fucking opinion.

for years I talked shit, and I had no say. I was just a "dickrider" that only painted chill spots and

flicked this city top to bottom. well now for the last couple 2-3 years Ive been in the streets, Ive

got to experience and be a part of it. so I could really give a fuck what a photographer thinks.

and from my peers, I know 90 percent of yall hate what I/WE do. that's fine. you aint gotta like it.

but we're out there just like any other writer, doing the same got damn thing, for the cats that do

appreciate grimy, shitty graf. and if you dont like it, state it if you're a writer, just remember to go

fuck yourself because my crew and I are going to continue to do what we have been doing the last

3 years, having fun, getting hated on by niggas we could give a fuck less about, and destroying shit.

fuck yall. peace.

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I agree wit both of you ^^^^


Artfag to me is going to school first takin a art class learnin how to do this and that and what color goes with what, then decides he wants to be a writer now. Then proceeds to hit chill spot after chill spot,wit the fancy paint they get grom grants for "art projects"


niggas from the hood do what they know/can till they get fresh!,


one mans trash is anothers treasure,we all know that!


there will never be another Army

but as far as ups,style and street spot swag I agree its Elmer


theres more msk flavor on the streets then it is locals old or new. Evertbody talkin but aint no spots being takin back? Aint nobody doin shit,Not on some beef shit ,but just to let niggas know detroit is active!!


and I wont front like I dont admire their shit... Rime for the win!

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