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dimes out here posting everything he ever painted


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Jasp still on that toy shit


i was gonna PM this to you but you cant except pms so here


not being able to handle your beef through graffiti or physically is toy. sist and aires are flat out toys. agree to disagree, im hated i know this and im totally content with it and have know problem goin over fools... so if you wanna start goin over my shit too, go ahead.

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nigga you had me dying laughing on this shit. but dont diss brazilian graffiti like that. I wish we were half as hard as those kids down there. nope. we are just really good at being really shitty at graffiti, and we have fun, and we could give a fuck less what niggas that play with themselves all day or niggas that gotta jump a kid half their size has to say. you wanna talk ignorant, a certain bia member has been driving around southwest in broad daylight smashing out amo spots with fire extinguishers like there is no such thing as police. but anyways, enough being as high as gods vagina babbling, I took some more new flicks again today, post them within the hour. and bump my bia twd atm homies.


It's good to see niggas wildin' out n shit. Don't know if Amo could give two shits though, cat has mad spots to spare. I only had one time where niggas smashed my shit out. Years later, I kinda had respect that someone actually tried to step up. Shakes the game up, plus makes you sharpen up the smash downs & the beat downs. Ignorant shit is real healthy for graf. Hope everyone eventually sees that shit. Big ups to all you crazy muthafuckas out there, one day you'll all be laughing at this shit like good fuckin' times. Detroit's where it's at.

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