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Issac Brock

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yep, toy of me to think that its stupid. keep bringing your pizza boxes to walls. only a toy would be on the internet hanging off of wards sack .???


UMAD? You upset? You know how many times i've seen people who could burn you with a 1 colored production, that's right 1 color production.. (sarcasm) using make shift supplies to better their shit


Why hate? Atleast that nigga's up! And far more then most of you detroit heads are, and i'm not having this argument again cause I won last time

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You're the only one that has said anything like that about it so far.

All my lines and everything else were done sans cardboard so whatever guy.

Don't be a hater.

Lol ward you really expected these cats to know what sans means,always remember that the grammar in this bitch is at a 5th grade level,but hey no problem with that...be koo



bump eufoe and ward

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man, all y'all should shut up.


god damn it all Glen why don't you recognize the serious business that is...the pizza box manufacturing business.


If word gets out via the knitting circle that is the internet graffiti forum...then graffanddanceburnertaggeroners are going to be racking pizza boxes from the kitchens of their local place of pizza production. which will lead to said pizza factory/delivery services to have to cover their losses by buying more pizza boxes, investing in pizza box cages to prevent future pizza box theft, which will also affect the cost of pizza as all these extra expenditures have to be accounted for in the price of pizza as well as the time it takes for pizza to be delivered to you since employees now have to enter the secret code on the keypad of the safe to get the key that opens the pizza box anti theft cage to put the pizza in the pizza box and deliver it to you...which by the way, will be cold because of all the extra time spent.


i curse the day this delicious secret makes its way to bombing science and then to puregraffiti, where caboose will not only claim to have invented the pizza box burner, but he will spread the rumor that ward has "a pizza box system" wherein he gets away with hard to reach spots as a result of constructing pizza box scaffolding which is foldable and easily concealed in a bag with your paint.


He will also claim that the secret to making krink lies in the use of pizza grease that collects on the bottom of pizza boxes.


There, i think that covers everyone's hostility quite well.


Move along.

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I thought beta/snafu was the same og real king? worldbench lets not get carried away here, no offense ward, but this nigga is hardly "up." seriously, and once again, don't take this the wrong way ward cause I am for once not hating on someone, but what do you have left in this city, maybe 15 spots? if that? that aint up. dont is up. the homie dems is up. my dick is up, IN YO BITCH! but sorry ward, that nigga aint up. what else? think that covers it. bump that hotel regardless, would of been cool to go. but I only get invited to shit like, hey I made to much food and feel bad that you're fat and single, wanna come over and eat? or, hey I got a bunch of ketamine I gotta cook up, can you help me out? I wish people would call me up to chill, take flicks, or paint. oh yeah, flicks...






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anyone else on the eastside notice shit like this? mutant lookin bunnies. colorful fucking drawings over spots. I know of at least 4 spots like this. anyone know who does it? is it little kids? or did the buff man decide it's time to get creative?




also, dems cant win with this spot. between snuf, the sign guy, hoodstars, and now, yellow paint. I liked it better without yellow paint.





and, this. almost as fresh as double rainbow handstyles.



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dsd, erryone was invited. even my mom painted ahahahaahah


fuck a invite wall, it was a party full of free pizza and hamburgers. somebody dropped off some old-ass krylon and rustos, and a ton of buckets at one point. you could've come down, I tossed out the offer the other day. it's probably finna happen next year at a larger piece of property.

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