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Issac Brock

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don't you watermark them first tho? I could see someone being able to crop out your mark if its small and in the corner without really taking much away from the value of the photo. Maybe put something small and semi transparent in a place that will prevent them from doing that. Maybe right under the hookup. If you are making the effort to flik shots its reasonable to not want people to steal your fliks and claim them for their own. Keep your own unadulterated photos in a separate location on your hard drive, an external, or save them to DVD.

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Wait a minute, don't be saying I steal photos. I've never stolen 1 photo, that's why I watermark my photos. You wanna talk about this out if this thread we can but don't be saying me kenr and bgn are robbing your flicks and reposting, when i'm out there for hours on ends every week flicking and travelling shit

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first, no fingers were pointed at you. What was said is there are stolen flicks on war42, if not stolen than they were "given" to that site.


examples straight from an ancient place called myspace...














anyway, what i was saying is, regardless if the flick is "given" i don't get the point of the watermark.


Either way, (you can verify this in some of my older posts) i am not opposed to flick stealing at all. I am opposed to watermarking stolen/given/taken photos. What that does is piss off the original photographer, then they do shit like make their flicks un-steal-able on flickr, making it harder on flick hoarders such as myself to enjoy hi-res flicks. (ever seen a flick saved as "spaceball" or a firefox doc? that's the bullshit i'm talking about)


feeeeeeeeel me?


*in general, not in response to you.

I think graff flicks should be free-trade. Give as you may, take as you feel. I understand the watermark, to see how far your flick has gone, it's almost freight moniker style. The difference is, this isn't a train yard, you don't have to sneak in, this is the internet, no, nothing is sacred. If you don't want your flicks stolen, or looked at by certain people, than keep them off the internet. Its not like we're making a living off of benching a freight spot or flicking the hood. NOBODY gives a fuck about our pictures besides us, so lets make it easier on each other and share.

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Bullshit. I just checked and you're still fronting more than one PHERS of mine. The only reason my REYES are pulled is I already complained to your site admin and had them removed. One of my photos is number 28 in your PHERS gallery. Here's your proof, little one, my photo minus YOUR watermark:




There are more, but I am lazy, and like my man said, I could give two shits when you yank my photos. It's when you put a watermark on them that I get super annoyed. That fag gave me a minus "rep" and he is stealing my photos. God, this is why I prefer video games to interacting with the anioa of earth...you know what, that is so annoying and petty I am going to contact the admin again to have the rest of my photos removed, as well as contact the other photographers to let them know you're watermarking their photos as well.

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Like I said, keep this in PM's


Anything Reyes and Phers were sent in by them. If you want the e-mail, Ill forward it. If you can actually PROVE they are yours, then prove it and Ill take em down, but don't run your mouth


I'm not responding to this shit anymore in the thread, I sent you 2 messages.

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No, fuck you. I made an honest statement and you got petty. You want proof? Look at the photo I just posted. My photo, one I do have in a larger size in case you missed the lack of your sites watermark. My REYES were removed from your site years ago, as well as the rest of the Detroit REYES because you did not, as you first claimed, bust your ass traveling and shooting pics. What the site did, in fact, was loot flickr and watermark other people's pictures. That's the issue. When I notified the photographers they had their photos removed. Fuck you and your PMS...and no, pussy, I will not meet to fight you.

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i agree with glen on the flick issue if you dont want your sheeit gettin stolen dont put it online, i never see my own flicks online because i dont put them on the net, therefor ive never ever had an issue with that...........on another note posting whole cars online the same week you did them befor they even roll out is a reall good way to get popped and heat up a spot......and have your shit covered by me...

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Well, GT, the point for me is the watermark. It says they own it and that bothers me, and honestly, hate it or not, the law is on my side. The fact of that is why that site has no Detroit REYES hosted on it. Every single one was stolen.


And honestly, I've said this a zillion times, if it is YOUR art I photo, and you want a copy, let me know. My only issue is people putting their watermark on my artwork, which is a photo of your artwork, which, as you know, is a royal pain in the ass to get a good picture of...



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ahhhhhh fuck load of flicks in about 30 minutes. almost done uploading. coming from the cat that posts 90 percent of the flicks here the last year or 2, I could give a fuck less about stolen flicks, if I did I would watermark my shit. but for sure, if you are making loot off my shit, at least give me fucking credit. I mean gas aint cheap, and I spend a lot of hours taking flicks. now, with that gay shit said, bump them niggas amo and tek, dems always, refto, kosek, MOZIK who is coming hard as 2 day old shits with them fills, my nigga loafus, and deth. the only flicks I watermark are the ones of your girl buttnaked lookin up at me with them whorish eyeballs slobbin on my weiner while I am on 2 xanaxs and a couple blunts. fuck yall. flicks in a few...

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so bare with me, my fucking photobucket is still all kinds of fucked up, just placing new flicks on random pages, making me find the shit, and when you got over 10,000 flicks of graf, it is kind of a pain in the ass, so once again, forgive me for any reposts I may have posted the last 2 weeks. enjoy the flicks, assholes...





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alright this is fucking retared, the internet is mad slow right now, and I gotta look through 850 pictures just to post the last 3 days I flicked, so tomorrow, mad fucking flicks, I will go to the diner or someones room with the net so I can fly through this shit. in the meantime, new kosher, new roll down, and whatever else I post. peace till tomorrow. tomorrow, new kosek, sisto, amo and tek wall, and a dissed spot you most likely are going to get very mad at. peace.












damn fud, first snuf cappin you off, and now you got the hoodstar niggas hitting you! I seen 4 spots on the eastside they got you player.












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probably not Detroit dont got vandal squad

they tryin to figure out how to do the same job

with less. I wouldnt put it past Wayne County

sheriff tho. Sheriff doesn't got vandal squad either

but they all about a easy money grab

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