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wellington new zealand!!!

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

Fresh to NZ, a must have collectors item - in stock at http://www.thepitbullpress.com


Kings Way - $69.95


The Beginnings of Australian Graffiti: Melbourne 1983-93

Duro Cubrilo, Martin Harvey and Karl Stamer


384 pages, Hardback, 280 x 225 mm, Fully illustrated throughout.


Kings Way chronicles the events, spaces, materials and folklore that made up the lives of Melbourne's early graffiti writers.


About this Title


A quarter of a century ago, the New York City hip-hop phenomenon left its mark on Australian walls-a graffiti-writing culture was born.


In a barrage of blinding colour, cryptic words and bombed out train carriages, Kings Way tells the story of Melbourne's emerging underground writing scene and the youth whose sole purpose was to get up. Using the city's walls and trains as their ephemeral canvas, these writers pioneered the elaborate spray-paint artworks that continue to dominate Melbourne's cityscape.


With more than 1200 full colour images, this volume captures the rapid changes in styles in these early years, as Melbourne's graffiti evolved from basic tags through to explosive full colour masterpieces.


Part visual encyclopaedia, part social history, Kings Way chronicles the events, spaces, materials and folklore that made up the lives of Melbourne's early writers. Compiled by active participants in the subculture across this period, it pays tribute to the individuals and crews who laid the foundation for Melbourne's reputation as a graffiti style capital.


About the Author


Duro Cubrilo

Duro Cubrilo is a Melbourne-based artist with over fourteen years experience in design and advertising. As well as being an award-winning art director, Duro was also co-creator in the highly successful Burn Clothing label which operated for eight years. Duro's exposure to graffiti began in the mid 80s as a kid growing up in suburban Melbourne. This led to painting and documenting the subculture and being involved and respected within the community of writers. His personal experiences and insight into the local scene combined with his passion for design have led to this unique publication. He is a co-author and the creative director behind Kings Way.


Martin Harvey

Martin Harvey's interest in the Melbourne graffiti writing culture began in the 80s and has led him to develop a thorough understanding of this urban artform. His personal contribution through years of painting also guided his obsession of travelling throughout the entire transit system to document the movement. His insight and photographic archive have made him an invaluable source to this project. Martin is a co-author of Kings Way.


Karl Stamer

Karl Stamer's passion for graffiti writing began in the mid 80s in Melbourne's southern bayside area. His pioneering writing achievements and combined awareness of inner-city sub culture have made him an indispensable contributor to Kings Way. Karl's extensive knowledge and professional experience within the digital imaging industry has been utilised throughout this project. Karl is a co-author of Kings Way.

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TraiNZ Bro dvd now out at http://www.thepitbullpress.com


Straight from the Aotearoa graffiti underworld comes traiNZ bro, a hardcore graffiti movie. With exclusive footage of painted trains and live painting missions, from 1998-2009. Including 20+ wholecars and Aotearoa's first running whole train. Over one hour of pure train graffiti.

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Re: wellington new zealand!!!


running wellington? more like ruining wellington, shit ass toy gimps bin in the game 2 minutes.

bad habits , they got shit going on. them kats true school, realest.styles for miles.

these photos do not belong beside each other.who ever put them up is just as toy satg.

up the bad habits legacy, welly kings keepin it realer than the rest, best of the best.

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"A pair of alleged vandals were captured by a New Zealand couple and forced to dance on camera until police arrived.


The two young men had allegedly sprayed graffiti tags on a fence at the home in Whangarei on Thursday night last week.


The next day a couple who live at the home tracked them down and forced them to come back to their house where they called the police.


While they waited for police to arrive, the couple took out a video camera and forced the men to dance for at least ten minutes.


"You f--- with us we'll f--- with you twice as hard," a woman is heard saying on the video, which was originally posted to YouTube but has since been removed.


It was not clear how the couple managed to capture the teens or whether a weapon was involved.


The man filming the incident, who has been identified only as Izzy, told 3News.co.nz that when police showed up at the house they burst out laughing.


Four other officers were allegedly called in to watch the performance.


Whangarei police have now released a statement saying they are investigating the incident and the actions of the police involved.


One of the alleged taggers has been charged with willful damage."



fucken rednecks, hope their house gets bombed the fuck out.

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