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My website, plus a new Bay Area zine

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Here's a few flix from my website HaywardGraffiti.com... We're no longer hosting the images on AOL so the site should be running a lot faster.


Plus, my homie STOK just put out a new zine featuring Bay Area graffiti. It's about 25 pages long. The quality is top notch and he's got some really good flix. I personally recommend it. The zine is $6 including shipping, supplies are limited. If you're interested in getting one gimme an email at bizhatezu@aol.com , and if you have any questions I'll forward them right to STOK and I'm sure he'll be happy to answer any questions you might have...











If you wanna see more check out my site, or I might be back to post some more later...



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More flix... Flik always has a good fan base here on this site, so I'll post some more Flik... And since someone acknowledged the beaver, I'll post a bigger shot.










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Bump attempt number 3... Probably the last one, and now I'll let this topic float to the bottom of the barrel.


Not too many replies, the views are okay, but not many replies. Maybe it's cause I don't have such a catchy subject line like you other nuts... Hmm...?

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It seems like I posted this 3 months ago, and it hasn't even been one month yet. Oh well, one more bump for the fact that Stok's zine isn't selling well through my website. If you like Bay Area graf, buy it. Thanks

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My bad, for any questions about the zine, e-mail stokone@hotmail.com

The e-mail address on the website is no longer working because we changed servers.


To order directly send $6 to:


Subject Matter

PO Box 55817

Hayward, CA



It's abou 25 pages long, all flix and no text. All Bay Area stuff. Up to this point I've had all positive feedback. It's quality stuff people, check it out.


To see more work check out www.haywardgraffiti.com


We're having an update soon including some classic work from the late 80's early 90's, and we've got flix from the TFG production at Keed's tunnel.


If anyone has any favorite pictures on my site feel free to post them here.



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