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my feet smell of death


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dumb topic but this is a big problem i have with not wearing socks, its getting to be unbearable, plus its summer so my feet sweat alot more than usual, whenever i take off my shoes they stink up teh whole room and make it smell like vomit. iv tried that dr. schol's foot spray shit for my shoes before and it works for like 10 minutes until i put my feet back in them and then it just stinks again, anybody have any old school remedies for this? or will i just have to start wearing socks?

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Guest imported_Tesseract

I wear sneakers with no socks all fuckin summer long and never have smelly feet/shoes. I supose it has to do with the fact that sand and sea kill pretty much all bad shit from your feet.

The few times shit started to go out of hand, daktarin solved it.


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what you should do is wash your shoes (depending on the type of shoe you have)


if uve got runners, just regular old soap and water do. get and old toothbrush or some other kind of brush thats coarse, soap the sonovabitch up, and scrub them shoes on the outside. take the soles(spelling bad) out and wash those with soap and water too. let em dry out for a day, and they wont smell


also, change ur sox frequently and wash yourself

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Originally posted by Balki@Jul 2 2005, 11:23 PM

yo, gnometoys, saraday, you can both lick the balls.... ill post whatever i feel like posting whenever i feel like posting it.


I'm sorry, I was a little unclear. I wasn't telling you not to post.


What I was doing is implying that you're too much of a fucking mental invalid to find the solution to your common problem at the goddamn pharmacy like a normal person, and that you should assasinate yourself on a speeding bus with the quickness.


Again, sorry for any misunderstanding.




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