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So, <<Key3>> is away..


Don't forget to add July 4th.

A three day weekend for some, not all.

Here goes.




-= <s>Eat a cupcake for breakfast</s>

-= <s>Mow lawn</s>

-= <s>Import Drowningman cd's to iPod</s>

-= <s>Buy tint spray and polish for Jeep</s>

-= Reseach upcoming concerts

-= Get organized



-= Wake up at 8ish and drive to Newark

-= Pick up friend

-= Go to Sounds Of The Underground Tour

-= Mosh it up

-= Get wasted

-= Drive back to Newark

-= Crash or drive home...

-= Thank god I avoided Live 8 in the city



-= Get home or be home...

-= Clean pool and general pool area

-= Swim in pool

-= Drink Guinness

-= Eat BBQ

-= Go to bar in the city



-= Fucking work

-= 12p - 12a

-= Probably get wasted at work

-= Chill on roof at work and yell at people




Last cereal you ate?


Frosted Mini-Wheats!



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- finish eating lunch

- wash car.

- study.

- out to dinner.

- study.



- nothing yet. study?



- uhm, study.



- sleep in and masturbate furiously.







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House sit at my dad's house Friday and Saturday night.... part of sunday afternoon....


He bought me plenty of beer and steak.... I've got cigarettes and my girlfriend will be over here with me too.... which should make for a good weekend.


On the other hand it appears that Dallas is going to be experiencing some "crap" weather this weekend. I hope it doesn't ruin any festivities.... but then again, I've got a house and beer, and a lovely girlfriend.


Have a safe weekend everyone, and hey, don't blow your leg off or anything.

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no work

woke up feeling like shit because of late night drunk taco bell

filled lungs with various types of smoke

made a shitty mop

breakfast. bacon egg and cheese

pick up fixed speaker for computer

drive to queens -

BOOZE all night in the surrounding burroughs



awaken- hopefully see some war of the worlds

lounge around

probably booze



hang with the ladycakes

watch team america

fuck fest


this land is your land-

fireworks like a motherfuck



i'm not sure

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- Work at 6

- That's about it. I lead an exciting life.




- Bench/drink session

- Sloppy drunkeness with homies




- Work

- Return-from-vacation-sex with girlfriend





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-woke up about 9ish.. got an oil change

-cleaned house... how exciting can it get?!?!?

-wash my laundry and the boyfriend's..

-wash my nasty dirty car

-eat a :chicken: sandwhich w/ a lime pepsi..

-hopefully find some night festivites to attend..



-work till 830..

-drive home and more than likely go to sleep..



-work till 630ish......



-i think i'm the only asshole working until 230..

-hopefully go to a nice fireworks show w/ the boyfriend..




cereal: captin crunch, the berry one..

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-Make a James brown cd so i have something to jam out to on saturday at work

-drink a few beers

-wait for my ex to call me and rub in my face how great of a time she is having in cali right now.

-drink a few more beers





-wake up (Hopefully)

-go put in 8.5 at the job

-take a cold shower and freshen up

-find a party and get completely bent

-pass out on somebodies floor




-Wake up (hopefully)

-crack a beer first thing and level myself out

-watch crappy tv all day and maybe have a pre cookout cookout.

-drink more beer





-no work. That means i wont be getting a 48 hour check next week


maybe party hard for the day maybe sleep.



Last cereal:


Fruity pebbles.

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-work on PPA(finally have some time!!)

-talk to "dude" about selling a series of photos(sweeeetttttt)

-get coffee at cafe

-work on PPA some more

-gallery hop "First Friday" with the woman and possibly get drunk on free cheap wine

-go home and sleep

::::its starting to rain so first friday may be a no go...maybe get drunk wiith the woman and watch reno 911 season two on DVD



-Avoid Live 8 at all costs

-go grocery shopping

-make pasta salad

-pick up lots of beer


-flip burgers, get wasted, proceed to call all vegatarian friends pussies and possibly throw burgers at them



-no plans as of yet, possibly hit up the beach(i love being at my parent's house, 15 minutes from Philadelphia, 45 minutes from Atlantic city)

-possibly stay at beach



-No plans, if not at the beach furiously masturbate while wearing nothing but an american flag.

-If at the beach, get drunk with the woman and family then watch fireworks.





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go to local baseball game and get hammered

get hammered after game


Saturday- wake up and paint at 9

then put the top down and drive to cottage with friends

sit on beach and drink/bocceball/ badmiton/bbq

get hammered


sunday- wakeup and sit on beach bocce ball/ get hammered.

come home


monday- get hammered via 30 pack

then BBQ at lesbian aunts house.

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FRIDAY- Lounge around...probly go to some hole in the wall bar


SATURDAY- work till 5...champagne party at night


SUNDAY- work till 6....who knows what else


MONDAY- Eat bbq, drink wine and watch fireworks from my friend's balcony in downtown...



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Fri: -Wake up

- Go to work

- Oh yea, it's also my Birthday


Sat: - Wake up at 9 (yea this sucks the most)

- Go to work again

- Celebrate a friend of mine's Birthday



Sun: -Wake up at 9 again, go to work (this is guna suck more then sat morning)

- Who knows what else.


Mon: - SLEEP ALL DAY. :king:

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tis a good wkend


Friday - gone


pick up paycheck

waste paycheck

watch documentary

see a rock and roll show




work at 9, why am i up now?

movie maybe rize

concerto + sparks + ...

and then who knows?



day concerto

eat food or something




i hope to gawd i'm not in delaware

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-mow lawn

-grab some lunch and go down to the lake with the girlfriend

-meet up with band and then play a show

-follow that up with a mega-shitty/stressful night



-sleep in, i fucking need it

-help my dad with his work rebuilding the deck

-relax around the house for the rest of the afternoon

-hopefully get trashed on johnny walker red at night



-sleep in/recover/hopefully i don't feel horrible

-lazy day if i had to guess

-see the lady at some point



-hit up the liquor store on the early side

-punch babies


-watch/light off fireworks


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  • Woke up... or something
  • Called up some friends
  • Went to play basketball. 5 on 5 full court. Running is evil.
  • Found out that "my crush" called me up to go to the beach. But I wasn't home! :hatred:
  • Got home, ordered pizza, rent shit(s) at Blockbuster. Wasted $50...
  • Internetting as I type


  • Work from 12-5pm
  • Stock up on paint
  • Haircut and shopping(?)
  • ?????


  • I hope to god I don't work today...
  • Painting with friends and new crew maties
  • Call up people to see what they are doing tomorrow. (July 4th)
  • Hopefully to hang out with her. Maybe go see War of the Worlds. Is this movie any good? Looks like "Signs". <-Mel Gibson.


  • Hitting up the beach w/friends and family
  • Fish like a farmer
  • Buy fireworks... then light em! (omg,omg,omg)
  • Take pictures and happy shit like that


BONUS: Decided to go to Six Flags New England on July 9th. Another $45 down the drain. Yes!


BONUSbonus!: I'm a faggot for saying "her". Yikes!


BONUSbonus.sunoB!: I just said Yes! then Yikes! Whoadoublefeature!




Have fun y'all!

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