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∴ I Just Saw : Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ∴

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Directed by Tim Burton


* In case you're wondering how I saw this film two weeks before opening...

I get a free pass to see Warner Brothers trade screenings before they're released. *


Tim Burton is one of the most creative directors of all time.

He has an amazing talent for visualisations in his works.

This film was no different.


If you've seen Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory,

read the Roald Dahl book, and seen any other Tim Burton film,

then you can already imagine most of this film.


I thought it was a good film, but nothing more.


Originally posted by +++++++SPOILERS

+ Do Not Highlight The Text Below If You Don't Want To Know The Story +



Forgive all spelling mistakes!!!!!!!!!!

Why does Tim Burton always use snow and bizarre choirs with wind orchestras?

Why does Tim Burton insist Johnny Depp be pale in every film they shot?

I kept asking myself these questions.


Despite these constant occurances, Tim Burton is still a great director.


As I said before if you've seen the old Willy Wonka film and read the Dahl book,

this film is pretty much the same.

Just through the mind of Tim Burton.



The film begins in the home town of Charlie Bucket, also the location of Willy Wonka's factory.

Charlie and his family live in a slanted rickety house on the outskirts of town.


Charlie's Grandpa, Joe, recalls when he worked for Willy Wonka and his rise to success.

Joe used to work in the factory until a spy revealed secrets to other candy corporations,

bringing a close to Willy Wonka's factory.


The next morning, the town hears word that the factory is back and there is a contest.

Five golden tickets... blah blah blah.


News comes of each golden ticket found... Augustus Gloop (fat kid),

Veruca Salt (prissy rich girl), Violet Beauregarde (gum chewer) and Mike Teavee (action packed kid).

A fifth winner is announced, but is a fake.


That same moment Charlie uses a bill he found in the street to buy a bar...

blah blah.. he wins, runs home, family is excited.


*Up until this part it was pretty much like the old movie.*


The day comes to open the factory gates.

Five kids and five relatives await the opening.

The gates open and they enter.


Unpon arriving at the steps of the factory,

they are greeted by a bizarre animatronic show about Willy Wonka.

A red velvet chair emerges, but no Willy.

Then everything catches fire and the robots slowly stop singing with glee.


Enter Willy.

Clapping along with the burning animatronics next to his guests.

"How can I enjoy the show if I'm up there?"


They soon enter the factory and Willy Wonka's character seems to be a little wigged out.

(Perfect fit for Johnny Depp)

He smiles a lot and tells the kids he doesn't care for thier names.

When they are introducing themselves he asks if these are their parents.

For some reason Wonka stutters while saying parents.


Just like in the old movie Tim Burton uses the small doors as the opening to factory.

Cue the garden and chocolate river scene.


Wonka says everything is edible.. Actually he says..

"Everything here is eatable, the grass is eatable. Even I'm eatable!

But you shouldn't do that because cannibalism is frowned upon."


The guests notice small people working and they ask Wonka.

He goes on to describe the Oopma Loompa's and where they came from.

Flashback to when Wonka discovers the village of Oompa's

and offers them work in exchange for chocolate.


And just like in the old movie, the fad kid Augustus falls into the chocolate river.

Now the Oompa Loompa's (which by the way all look the same, not just in clothing) all gather

for a song and dance about Augustus Gloop.

(The song is actual the orginal written by Roal Dahl, just set to a horrible tune.)


One kid down four to go.


The rest of the group take a strange looking pink seahorse down the chocolate river.

This leads to the inventing room.


This is where Violte Beauregarde, takes the 3 Course meal gum and turns into a blueberry.

Cue Oompa Loompa's again with another horrible song and dance.


Next is the nut sorting room.

What would you use to sort nuts?

Trained squirrels of course.


In this scene Veruca Salt pleads and pleads with her father to get her a trained squirrel.

Of course Wonka says no and she runs into the room to take one.

Willy says "Don't touch that squirrel's nuts!"

She goes after a squirrel and they all turn on her.

They attack her, knock her to the ground and pin her down.

One squirrel knocks on her head which makes a hollow sound.

Bad nut of course, so it's down the garbage hole for Veruca.

The squirrels throw her in and her dad follows.

After another horrible Oompa Loompa song though.


On to the glass elevator.

Mike Teavee presses the button for the Television Room and they're off.

This scene was very similar to the old movie version.

White room, old television camera, et cetra...


Of course they trasport a WonkaBar across the room into the TV.

(Which just so happens to be playing a clip similar to 2001: Space Odyssey 'Dawn Of Man' scene.

The candy bar replaces the vertical rock...)


Mike Teavee wants to try it, of course Wonka warns him to no avail.

Mike is shrunk and another bad Oompa song comes.

Willy decides to use the taffy puller to stretch out Mike to a somewht normal state.


Back to Charlie and Willy.

Willy says Charlie won they all get excited and take the glass elevator back to Charlies shanty.

Wonka says Charlies has to leave his family in order to take over the factory.

Charlie says no, and Wonka goes back to the factory alone.


During some of the film Willy Wonka has flashbacks of his childhood.

During Halloween he wasn't allowed to have candy.

Willy's father Wilbur was a Dentist and wouldn't allow it.

Another flashback was of Willy eating his first piece of candy and then eating more.

The last flashback was Willy saying he was leaving his house to go be a "chocolateer."

After that his father had left.


Back to Charlie and Willy.

Charlie offers to go see Willy's father with him.

They meet, patch things up, life is happy.


The end.



(Fuck the pictures. Shit's not working.)



So, I guess it is more like the book,

but it still has a lot of the old movie visuals in it.


Also, Helena Bonham Carter is Charlie's mom.

Yea, the girl from Fight Club.

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I really want to see it.



The one part aired in the commercial pisses me off though. The "don't touch the squirrels nuts"


are there any more jokes like this one? please say no.

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It seems in all the ads is see the made Johnny Depp's willy wonka a bit like

Mike Meyer's Cat in the Hat, I hope not I can't wait to see this.

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that squirrel nuts thing pissed me off but what really did was how gay and big jonny depps teeth look fuck that shit ill stick to the old one

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Originally posted by shaolinmasta@Jul 1 2005, 01:35 AM

Sound's pretty dope.


Yes, sound is pretty dope. I'm glad you like sound as much as I do.

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I kind of hoped this would be a darker version since it's directed by Tim Burton. I haven't seen it and haven't read whatever rage wrote about it, but I'm guessing it's not.

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i'm going to ask for the 15 off at work...so i can take my nieces to go watch it with me...^^Dude Wolper made the first one kind of dark...especially when they go through the tunnel and you see the chicken get its head cutt off...I'm always like WTF?????

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Yeah the first version was a little dark, but Tim Burton has a knack for showing the flaws of human characteristics, and this movie is set up for his kind of directing/interpreting. I was hoping it would have the same feel as Edward Scissorhands.



And Gene Wilder was awesome. It made me sad to see how old he's gotten in the DVD of the first version.

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word, gene wilder's the shit..I'm really looking foward to this movie..i'm wondering how depp'll measure up.

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