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Marvel Comics

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OK.. so I read all my Marvel comics.. I think like 600-700 from all sorts of years, but none really more recent than about '94 or '95.


Here's a few reviews.


Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld - Kinda childish and girly. The art is average, as is the writing. However, the plots are actually pretty dope, fairly original and not predicatable at all (Keith Giffen (sp?) is the plotter).


Captain America: straight cornball


Cloak and Dagger: Kinda girly at times.. but it's interesting how it has 2 protagonists on the same side where 1 represents darkness and is all shady and ish.


Dazzler: horrible.


Dr. Strange: Pretty interesting actually. He actually goes on epic adventures, which is kind of refreshing compared to the arch nemisis stories.


Deathlok: booty


Deaths Head II: pretty funny.. in an english kinda way.


Ghost Rider: Nothing really stuck out as good or bad. On one hand, Ghost rider's motivation gets kinda old "you did wrong.. you must die".. but on the other hand, it's cool how his solution is always death.


Incredible Hulk: pretty damn dope. Just the Hulk's sheer power. The older Hulk is a bit more enjoyable as his reaction to everything is just "HULK SMASH!" not caring what it is... then bruce banner learns to control him somewhat and it gets kinda gay.... the grey hulk was kind of cool in that it took the philosophy that if banner can control the hulk, the hulk can control banner (and himself a bit more)... It's also dope how the hulk hates banner more than anyone else.


Iron Man: Tony Starks himself is kinda interesting.. but every tough situation iron man gets stuck in us solved by some new gadget he installed in his suit that we didnt know about. and there's too much inner dialogue about the limitations of his suit, ie "well, i could just blast him w/ my ion blaster, but then i'd never have the power reserves to get back to a safe distance."


Moon Knight: confusing.. hence, boring.. stephen platt is a dope artist though


Now the x books


x-men: they established a real deep and complex world to make stories in, but the roster of artists and writers is too unstable... stick to the chris clairmont stuff... and when hey started introducing all these alternative timelines and crap, shit got wack.


x-factor: i thin they're supposed to be like a more official government form of the xmen = boring


x-force: supposed to be a renegade tougher form of the xmen... might be better, but i haven't read enough, and the fact that it's lead by cable gives me it's doubts


new mutants: supposed to be a trainee xmen force. mediocre, but there's this 1 character named warlock that is real interesting just in the way he's drawn and tha this power is he can turn into any machine.


generation x: art was cool in the beginning but i dont see anything special.


then there was all the other stuff.. generation next, alpha, unlimited, etc... i never really got into all that but i have a few questions:


whatever came of wolverine losing his adamantium skeleton? he ever get it back?


after legion killed charles xavier, and magneto lead the xmen in the new universe, did anything ever somehow get back to normal?


did storm ever get her powers back after she was blasted w/ forge's gat?


back to the review....



savage sword of conan: awesome.. big issues, black and white, gory, he rapes girls, steals, whatever.. it's on some grimey shit.


ROM: Spaceknight - they did a pretty good job of creating a world here.... it's a pretty nice storyline until he kills all the dire wraiths (which was a bold move by the publisher), everyhting else was kinda jsut filler


wolverine: better than the team books.. but he looks dumb w/ an eyepatch


Punisher: dope, not great, but dope


silver surfer: for whatever reason, i only have 1 issue w/ thanos and the infinity gauntlet... i hear it's a supposed to be a pretty good story.... but all the shit i have is kinda booty.


namor the submariner: nothing special. his arrogance is kinda funny.


spider man: pretty cool character but there's like 12 titles and it's too hard to keep up... and the onyl cool enemies he has are venom and carnage.


venom: nothing special


That's pretty much it.. i missed a bunch, i know.. the avengers sucks.. thor goes on adventures, but nothing that great.. never got into the fantastic four


Though my DC comics collection is smaller.. i'd say i like them more... the flaws of the characters are more in their personality than their powers.

you can read my old DC Comics Review


And I should be back in a couple months to catch you guys up w/ image, valient, malibu and all them other smaller publishers.

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I haven't read Cloak and Dagger since the early nineties, but I do remember loving it.


Anything with Dr. Strange is cool.


Deathlok, Dazzler, and Death'sHead II all sucked. But I like Dazzler as a character in the X books.


The Incredible Hulk, from what I vaguely remember, was really good. Was Peter David the writer in the Hulk issues you read?


The X-books in the early nineties were my favourite. Clairmont can be a near genius when he wants to. He helped create one of the best comics franchises ever (meaning that, yeah, he didn't invent them, but he sure helped bring them back).


One of my favourite crossovers was "X-Tinction Agenda". It is well worth the purchase of the trade paperback, if it's available. Warlock of the New Mutants dies in it.


I lost interest in X-Men when that whole Age of Apocolypse thing happened in the mid-nineties. I mean, c'mon - like two years of alternate reality? WTF?


Savage Sword of Conan was awesome, from what I remember. I have been strongly recommended the new Conan books by someone I trust to have impeccable taste in comic books.




Lately, when it comes to Marvel, I've been reading a lot of Daredevil. I think it is Bendis' best Marvel book (though I can't say I've given all his other stuff a totally fair chance). It is stereotypical Bendis (reliant on dialogue, little action), but it works with Maleev's art.


I plan on getting more into Hulk now that Jae Lee is artist, along with Peter David being the writer. PAD wrote the X-Factor books that you probably own, Vanity. You can't fuck with X-Factor #87. That was a great book.


Spider-Man, written by J Michael Stracszynski (sp) has been pretty good. I didn't like the controversial "Sins Past" story arc, but everything else has been excellent, or near to. The latest arc I read of AMS was "Skin Deep", drawn by Deodato, and I loved it.


I am most looking forward to the future DD story arcs (which feature DD when he was the Kingpin) and the upcoming Daredevil mini-series by Joe Quesada called "Father".


I also look strongly forward to Peter David and MarkWeiringo (sp) on the upcoming "Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man" ongoing series.


I plan on trying Astonishing X-Men once again, as well as re-starting up on Uncanny.


All this House of M crap is confusing, and I'm waiting for it to pan out so I can just catch some sort of synopsis on the internet so I'm up to speed on everything. I really don't like the idea of the New Avengers too much. Well, especially since I don't like the idea of my man Peter Parker and wife Mary Jane living in the new Avengers Tower with the likes of Wolverine and such.

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Oh yeah, Vanity - Wolverine did manage to reattain his adamantium claws a few years after the "Fatal Attractions" story. That was a very well written story. I give mad props to writer Fabian Nicieza and penciller Andy Kubert for those great moments in Marvel comics.

It's too bad that Joss Whedon decided to bring back Colossus. Oh well - that is the way she goes. I actually don't care that much. He was a good character.

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whatever came of wolverine losing his adamantium skeleton? he ever get it back?


yes but he began devolving..and blah blah..they killed cyber and took hi adamantium skin..good ole weapon x program....on a side note i believe this is the point where they started toying with the idea of secondary mutations..


after legion killed charles xavier, and magneto lead the xmen in the new universe, did anything ever somehow get back to normal?


... the kept blink...and the dark beast and sugarman..the ywo of wich are in the currently running excaliber.. and blink is in her own book..legion is dead..somfin about mkron crystal...oh and morph.


did storm ever get her powers back after she was blasted w/ forge's gat?


no but she gained the ability to change her hairstyle and outfit every other issue



And I should be back in a couple months to catch you guys up w/ image, valient, malibu and all them other smaller publishers.




you do a review of malibu... i will cut you..

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^^ yea yea you forgot to mention the nudity...


Wolverine lost his adamentium when Magneto drained it off of his skeleton through his pores.




I remember when Apacalpse killed Cyber for the adamentium, and tried to give it to Wolverine to no avail...




I don't know how Wolverine got his adamentium back, but I do think Marvel switched up the entire universe so didn't x-men start all over?


It's been years since I picked up a comic....

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oh man, this brings back memories..


I too started reading comics way back in the late 80's and stopped sometime around '96-'97ish..


yeah, remember when all the x-men died and they brought them back with that weird "seige perilous" storyline?

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Originally posted by Tough Love@Jun 27 2005, 08:52 AM

ive been reading heavy metal recently

they have some nice variety in terms of comics and stories

i like that




Read Metal Hurlent by Humanoids Publishing. Heavy Metal was originally a European rag that they made an American version of (Heavy Metal), then the European one stopped being published, now it's getting published again and it's 500 times better than Heavy Metal. I can't even read that crap anymore.

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My favourite Heavy Metal issue was the one where they do Gulliver's Travels, but with a really sexy babe. It was seriously amazing. If anyone has that issue still, I'll buy it off you.

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If you get a hold of the sercret wars 1, read it, shiot was for real. Also excalibur, shit had some hot females and crazy as british story lines.

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Good read on upcoming Marvel movies...kinda long but very informative...




Future Shocks: What's Ahead for Avi Arad and his Marvel empire?

— by Larry Carroll


Like Professor X looming over the students of his School for Gifted Youngsters, Avi Arad is the father figure of Marvel Studios, studying the development of the comic company's most promising stars and deciding when — and how — they will get their chance to dazzle moviegoers.


Regularly ranked among Hollywood's most powerful executives, Marvel's chairman and CEO is a prime mover behind the current cinematic-superhero renaissance and is currently mapping out the future of nearly 5,000 — yes, 5,000 — Marvel characters. With D.C.'s "Batman Begins" currently heating up the age-old comic book rivalry on the big screen, and Marvel's "Fantastic Four" on the horizon (opening July 8), Arad recently took some time to reflect on the future of his enormous cast of heroes and villains, and the traditions that he's charged to uphold.


"We have a tradition of Stan Lee being in all our movies," explains the mogul-stereotype-bashing Arad, north of 60 but casually dressed in a "Fantastic Four" baseball hat. Offering a rare glimpse of what's to come, Arad discusses a scene from the highly anticipated film that features a cameo by Lee, a legend in the comic book business and, not incidentally, the creator of the "FF" characters.


"He'll be the mailman," Arad continues. "It's interesting, because he looks the way it was drawn. Stan is a character ... initially he was supposed to say, 'Good morning, Mr. Richards,' and then he kept adding more words."


After "Fantastic Four," Lee will likely make his next cameo in "X-Men 3," which recently landed "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner along with a release date of May 2006.


"I've never seen a reaction like that," Arad says of the Internet buzz that erupted after the casting of Kelsey Grammer as Beast was announced. He also confirms that Vinnie Jones (Bullet Tooth Tony from "Snatch") will play Juggernaut and that the cast from the first two movies are "all coming back." Regarding Jean Grey's possible evolution at the end of the last movie, however, Arad says, "Dark Phoenix should not be the centerpiece of the movie."


Arad will also oversee two spinoffs from the "X-Men" series: one about Magneto ("It's being written. It's going to be a smaller movie, [but] very true to the origin") and a "2007/2008" film with Wolverine ("Totally different, just Wolverine's journey"). The Magneto film will star an actor much younger than the one we're used to seeing, but that doesn't mean that the man who originated the role for the big screen is on the outs.


"I will always want Ian McKellen," Arad says. "There's no way for me to think of not walking into the story through him — through something happening now, and then going back there. Ian is an ambassador for this, and he needs to be there."


Next up is the August 2006 release of "Ghost Rider," the big-budget Nicolas Cage movie Arad refers to as a "morality tale." The film faces the huge challenge of making a fiery, murderous, flaming-skull-headed creature sympathetic to audiences. Arad says it will have a PG-13 rating and a "Southern rock" soundtrack and ethos, and that one scene will feature the motorcycle-riding protagonist facing the unlikely challenge of a tidal wave.


"I remember seeing 'The Perfect Storm,' how the whole wave was CGI. You're going to see something [similar] in 'Ghost Rider.' " While he reveals that Ghost Rider will, at some point, be entirely submerged, Arad vows that the infamous grinning skull will continue to flame on. "Nothing can extinguish it," he smiles. "It's hellfire."


Arad will then target "Spider-Man 3," due in theaters in May 2007. While insisting that rumors of a simultaneous third and fourth "Spider-Man" movie shoot are simply "not true," Arad did confirm that Dylan Baker will return for the third film — a noteworthy nugget for comic fans who recall that Baker's handicapped character, Dr. Curt Connors, went on to become Spider-Man nemesis the Lizard in the comic books. Although Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace are set to play the main, as-yet-unnamed villains of the third film, the seeds are apparently being planted for Spidey to also someday take on a superhumanly strong, green-scaled monster.


And after Spidey's return? Well, this is when things begin to get a bit fuzzy in the Marvel production slate, but one thing is certain: The company will soon begin making its own movies. In a groundbreaking deal, Paramount will distribute up to 10 of those films, including "Captain America" and "Nick Fury."


"The Ant-Man is also in there, a 'Honey I Shrunk the Superhero' kind of story," Arad says. Dr. Strange is also in the works, as well as a movie version of Black Panther, "which is a big, big, big deal. When you say '10,' some of them may be sequels."


As for the comic book icon with the red, white and blue shield, Arad argues that, next to Spider-Man, "Captain America is the most famous character out there, by name. The biggest opportunity with him is as a man 'out of time,' coming back today — looking at our world through the eyes of someone who thought the perfect world was small-town America. Sixty years go by, and who are we today? Are we better?


"I have a writer," he says. "And I have someone in mind to be the star, and I definitely have someone in mind to be the director. This script is going to take a little bit of time, because it has to be a masterpiece. It's 'Back to the Future' kind of stuff."


Also in the mix is "Silver Surfer," an ambitious project that Arad insists will move along "pretty fast. Silver Surfer, from a spectacle standpoint, is second to none. It's 'Independence Day' meets Marvel, times 10." A major announcement about the film is due relatively soon.


"There is a director who should make 'Silver Surfer' — he is mentally committed to it. He's doing another movie now. What's most important to me about this guy, first, is that he's incredible with visuals. But he's also a spiritual guy, a Zen Buddhist." Arad also confirms that the enormous planet devourer Galactus will be in the movie, but chances are he'll be all-CGI. "Galactus is a force of nature, not a being. That's all I'm saying."


Other properties, meanwhile, have been taking long, circuitous routes to the screen. Arad says Marvel is "very close" to striking a deal for the long-discussed "Iron Man" movie. "It's been a war with [co-producers] New Line Cinema. I had a four-hour meeting with ['The Notebook' director] Nick Cassavetes in my house. If everything is cool, in the next few weeks there'll be an announcement about Nick writing it. Nick has a unique emotional attachment to Iron Man's alter ego, Tony Stark. Think about John [Cassavetes] and Nick, father and son — the father was a great visionary director, and here's the son, an actor and a writer and turned out to be a very gifted artist himself." The parallel with Iron Man/ Tony Stark, who in the comic books has issues dealing with the success of his own father, evidently pleased Arad.


As for a sequel to 2004's "The Punisher," Arad confirms that Jigsaw will be the villain and that, with the first movie, "blood and intestines should have been blown out on the wall, because that's the Punisher." He added that the sequel will be among a handful of Marvel films with an R rating.


" 'Punisher,' of course. Maybe 'Cloak and Dagger.' I think 'Shang Chi' we can do PG-13, and 'Iron Fist' maybe an R. 'Luke Cage,' I don't know. Big studio movie. We'll try and do PG-13."


Arad then speaks like a proud papa of films about Cage (John Singleton's directing; Jamie Foxx had been considered for Diamondback, who will definitely be the villain); Nick Fury ("I'm going back in time. I'm going back to the classic on this. It's about him; it's about SHIELD"); Thor ("We are feverishly working on Thor. It's a vast 'Lord of the Rings' sort of universe"); Deathlok ("There is an actor, a very big star, that we want to do it, and we'll talk to him within a month"); and Namor. Comparing the last film to "Jurassic Park," Arad says, "a lot of design work has been done on it. The script is gigantic."


Every movie appears to be accompanied by an anecdote, as with "The Black Widow." "It's going to be ['X-Men' writer] David Hayter's directorial debut. The script just came in, and we are doing what we always do with scripts — in this case, driving the writer/director crazy. David is very imaginative. Actually, his firstborn is named Natasha [black Widow's human name is Natasha Romanov], so we think he is committed to the project."


Of course, there are plenty of Marvel superheroes currently in a state of superlimbo after audiences received their first film adventures with mixed responses.




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"It's no secret, we took a lot of sh-- for Ang Lee's 'Hulk,' for all the wrong reasons," Arad says, insisting that "I had a meeting with Universal [a few] weeks ago. We are going to make a Diet Hulk." Comparing Hulk to the classic image of Frankenstein's monster as a creature with an almost childlike curiosity, Arad says, "In movie one, we couldn't get into the curiosity thing. Hulk having a butterfly land on his hand? He would never [smash it]. The Hulk would be curious. He is like a baby, in a way." He says the sequel will arrive in theaters "no later than 2007."


Arad also insists that he would love to make a second, darker "Daredevil" movie: "I would make it in a second, as soon as could I get the rights back. We licensed it. If they'll give us the rights back, we'll make the movie." And then, of course, there's Daredevil's girlfriend, for whom Arad wears a cautionary red Lance Armstrong-type bracelet on his wrist, reminding him of past mistakes.


"I think Elektra is on ice now," he admits somberly, before suggesting one way a sequel might return the character to her comic book roots: "If we could do her à la the 'Sin City' idea — whoa."


Arad says the recent reinvigoration of Batman and DC Comics' upcoming slate of Superman and Wonder Woman movies doesn't scare him. "You know what we are?" Arad says of his company. "We're the best storytellers you'll find. And to us, our characters are alive."


If Arad's store of ideas is anything to go by, it seems likely that Marvel will be telling cinematic stories for quite a few years to come.


- MTVNews.com

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i've not been that stoked on this last year's releases by marvel. it has been particulary hit-or-miss.

for those of you not in-the-know, check out Eric Powell's "THE GOON.'" (my sn derived from) This amazing comic series. good luck finding the first few issues of the current run, but i promise the trade is worth the buy. zombies. mafia. monkeys. hobos. thievery. drinking. mad scientists. pretty much everything you could ever love. super strong writing w/ dark humor and really nice art. i plan on a goon sleeve once i'm out of school...

*edit: darkhorse puts it out, btw.

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Originally posted by Weapon X+Jun 28 2005, 05:10 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Weapon X - Jun 28 2005, 05:10 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-fermentor666@Jun 27 2005, 05:39 PM


Read Metal Hurlent by Humanoids Publishing.



Where do I get this?





At your local comic book store, my man!

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fuckin silver surfer.....ant man....the fuck..





i want a damn watchmen movie...ohh or a shi movie....hell even a dawn movie...a fuckin evil ernie movie dammit or redo hellblazer..



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