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Exploding Bottled Water


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OK so you have your bottled water right. and its the soft kind of plastic not the harder Dasani type but like Nestle the kid you can easily dent

STEP ONE: drink all the water. or water a nearby plant or bum

Now, with the top on all the way (not really tight but pretty snug) put both hands on it as if you were gonna give it the old Indian Rug Burn (IRB). Now twist it so that it separates into two segments kind of ....if it doesnt twist that easy just keep trying till it turns and sort of cinches. Now twist until you cant twist anymore and once its really really pressurized (i think like 3-4 turns, maybe more or less), hold it together and using your thumb, while holding the bottle, unscrew the cap really hard and fast. BE REALLY CAREFUL WHERE THE CAP IS POINTING!!!! you gotta probly do it a few times to get the hang of it, but once you get it right, BAM! depending on how tight you can twist it, a really loud bang will ..happen... and the cap will go shooting off at about 40mph. i've broken windows before accidently. still no claimed eyeballs or anything but only cause i'm careful or sober.


have fun!

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Originally posted by 2BLAZZED@Jun 24 2005, 07:28 AM

i remeber when we were young,we would stand on a empty plastic bottle and kick the cap open with your other foot and it would do the same thing



yea but it didnt work any good


3 out a 10 times would it shoot in the direction you wanted it to go. and it only went like 5mph

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the 'works' trick is know by writters because of the LSD article,

just like how 'thehun' is know to us because of Giant's link.


We used to get dry ice and use those heavy duty square mild jugs.


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1 can of wd40 and two wires and a car battery


attach the positive and negative ends of wire to the can

now you may need pretty long wires to get far away enought or you can just do it around a corner of a building attach the negative wire to the car battery and when you want it to explode tap the positive wire to the battery and boom

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