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does anyone here rock climb? if so, how good are you? i am in nashville and would enjoy goin out with some fools to murder some boulders.... and not the gay ass 10 year olds getting pulled up on a route i'm talking about hiking badass trails to a 30 foot high boulder and climbing it bare handed....


what do you think about rock climbing?

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Guest beardo

my roomate and a few other friends are into it quite a bit, built a wall in their backyard and all that jazz. they always ask if i wana go climb with em, and i just laugh.

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i went up to yosemite a couple weeks ago. and i saw climbers scaling el capitan and shit like that. i kinda felt inspired to try some rock climbing and shit. they have rock climbing classes out there that i think i might like to try. i can only imagine what kinda of rush it would be to climb even just 100 feet of a mountain that has been there for thousands of years and survived glaciers of such incredible sizes. i really do need to get in some decent shape first so i dont look like a complete fairy in front of the euro hippie chicks at the class.

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Repelled for my firstime tonight off about a 70 to 80ft drop


Finished my first 5.9 tonight too


Outdoor stuffs





Anyone else fuck around w dis?

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this guy is the man.







and this woman. just. damn. so inspirational.





Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is an Austrian mountaineer. In August 2011, she became the second woman to climb the fourteen eight-thousanders, and the first woman to do so without the use of supplementary oxygen or high altitude porters.

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scared of heights? sack up. so am i. i love that shit. if you're ever in sf or boulder, hit me up. i climb 5.11b well and v6-ish. most of the people i climb w/ suck/are weak so i'm down to climb simpler stuff as well....


HIlarious. I'm so fucking fat/out of shape now. I'd be thrilled if I could finished a 5.8 or a v2. Fuck.

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