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Originally posted by CRUELone@Jul 16 2005, 01:38 PM

got your stickers today elmo!!!FINALLY!..lol



yeah cruel/doofus sorry bout the wait, most have got lost ;)


and half of america should have gotten my stickers by now i sent 45 packs out not to long ago, and you are the only one i heard from, except left too...... man hit me up when you get my packs.... finish the DEAL!


im a little testy becuase i didnt get one single pack of stickers today in the mail, first time that has happened in about a month or so...sheesh! :haha:

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Originally posted by la creme de la seme@Jul 16 2005, 10:46 PM

pohbia got your pack today, great stickers but some are damn hard to get off....haha no worries great shit


yea i ran out of my glossy sticker paper


so i had no choice but to use DHL sticker paper shit sorry about that

but i got your pack too sick stuff im liking it

left got your pack too

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