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Originally posted by KiLL Or DiE@Aug 31 2005, 11:11 PM

Aight guys..Kill Or Die once again tryin to apologize for the delay..These past couple months life aint been that good to me..Baby mama drama, licence revoked, almost lost my car, money problems and all that good shit life has to offer...So once again sorry for the delay, I'll try to make out to you guys the best way I can..I worked on sum of the stickers but I aint done yet..Give me sum more time to get shit done..you guys could check on my postin history, I have only posted like 3 times in the past couple months...shits really bad ....anyways enough of the bullshit..holla at you niggas later..peace...KOD East Oakland..









i almost lost faith in ya for a while...lol...i got yours ready...pm me your addy and ill send em out


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hey its been a while, good to see this thread is still up, i havnt really been way into the sticker scene well not at all for the past 4 months or so, but i know some people still owe me packs cough * geeze, chillen, bob * i sent out tonz and they were all decently filled, and i would still like to get mine back in return...... thanks!!


keep up the trading peace

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aight..dope....i got your pack ready...along with a ton of others..i need money to mail em tho..lol

C ATV, Project Mayhem, Drips, Bob, Chillen, Xylene Hugs, Ayem, Dufus, Pedi........alll thses packs r ready...i just need to mail em.....sorry to dufus and pedi..who i told i was gonna mail em already.....my fault.....they'l get there soon


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aight cool cruel no worries, everyone elses shit is sent out.


and i know what you guys mean about missing getting mail, i had something to look forward to after school, shit was awsome


we gotta get it going with trades like the ole days.

i read the whole street sticker thread over the course of a month and a year ago everyone was tradin and pics where coming like crazy

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