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Figure drawing (nudity)


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I guess I don't it must be a inside joke then......But I get it on a "all mexicans are too lazy to give a full crit" I'm Kidding of coarse.........


test pattern:

I learned from MATC tech college, been there for 4 years and counting.......

my main teacher was amazing and opened everything to me, I expanded to comic art and illustration because of his inspiration......

Here is a site......



There are many other teachers that I've sat under for many years,...

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test pattern:

Cool man, lets see some mind to hand work and then some scanning :p



I guess I have to ask, what is a geniric line? One that's less expensive? :D

Or one of less quality then a name brand line?



I take it you meant what's the "best" not the "bitch" watercolours to work with.......I like winser newton. They are pro and not so expensive, good middle ground I think.

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I hear ya, wiseguy

I think having the right model does a session good.

This model was my ex and she is oh so hot! So even though it was crazy to talk to her at class after the break-up, drawing her was always amazing.


Or maybe you need a good teacher to spark that interest, whatever works for you I guess.

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I should have elaborated. The line is generic in the sense that it is obvious. It looks like any other academic figure drawing I have seen. You obviously have a good grasp of anatomy, but I think that you are wasting your time w/ this lifeless approach to drawing. Look at Tolouse-Latrec; his line was electric. He had an amazing grasp on gesture. I think that is what is missing from your drawings. No offense, but I'm assuming you put it out there for feed back.

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I like the pencil drawings of live models best. I really dont care for the colored ones or the ones based off photographs.


How big are the drawings in the first post? 18 x 24 or 24 x 36?

Maybe smaller since you did them in pencil?


I would like to see some large, loose charcoal drawings. I like seeing a personal style of marks being developed rather than clean, tight, contours and smooth shading. Keep it up though

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some nice form in the shaded sketches, but whats-his-name was right about the stiffness of the contour drawings in my opinion... gotta spent mo' time observing the subject than the sketch itself ya digzzzzz?


and also i guess its just me but fuck all this dragon azn stuff...


no offense but its not the type of art i like to see...


youve obviously got skillz when it comes to perportion and yes your hands are very nice.. lots of folks tend to make their hands too small.


peace, keep up the good work ninja

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I can't say I agree that it's a lifeless approach. I know -Latrec work and I like it. Not all my work has the same lines, sometimes I move it real fast from thick to thin, sometimes the same width. But I thank you for you're feedback.



Thanks glad you like 'em.

There was only one drawing with a photo reference, it was Smith.

Everything else is from my head or a live model.

I do have many larger figure drawings which I really like too but I only have a scanner right now, and now digi camera so i can't get 'em online........yet. :(



You had said....

""""gotta spent mo' time observing the subject than the sketch itself ya digzzzzz?""""

I agree, sometimes I just get drawn in (no pun intended) I need to look more....

About the dragons, they were just an assingment, dunno why I posted them because this is a figure drawing thread but whatever....

Thx for the hand drawing comment.

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That chick was my fiance. I gotta agree she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Sexy Russians Dammit!

But yeah, After two years of living together she cheated while I was on vacation and took most everything we shared. (Sorry, have to vent or explode)

But fuck her, I have a new girlfriend who treats me a shit ton better.


Thx for the comments

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