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whats with this trend..


who really gives a shit if you dont do drugs?

im sayin....its cool and all if you dont eat cheese or smoke blunts..

but damn...nobody cares..good for you.


all this straight edge propaganda, vegan/emo, girl pant wearing, tattoos up to your bottom lip bullshit is a little far fetched.

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I dont care, some of my friends are straight edge, the reason they are my friends is because theyr not dicks about the situation. No "holier than thou because my body is clean" shit.


Vegans who feel the need inform me of the horrors of meat, can fuckign have their jugulars cut.



On point.

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I'm edge,I smoke cigars and eat meat......I also hate and couldn't care about hardcore music or the people,at times I wish I never had these straight edge tattoos and other times it remindes me of the good things I've done because of it.



If your clean good on ya,if you drink sweet have fun!

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You're kind of late on hating the straight edge, ain't ya?

I mean, really, making fun of staright edge is soooo 2002. It's dumb, we all know. Get over it . It's nothing new, and if it still gets to you so much that you have to make a thread about it, then you have some strange issues that you should take the time to work out. Go beat up some straight edge kids, or go rape their sisters, do SOMETHING. But c'mon man, making threads that have anything to do with straight edge is the new straight edge.

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these xXx stickers people have on their bike and cars and shit..

t shirts and such...its a trend..it too will pass...



i was just looking in metel heads and saw this in a post.

this is why i made the thread fool..



you feel me now?


c'mon now...


edit. grammer

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this thread is gay so i'm closing it.

i know some will ask 'but seek, how can you close this and leave your stupid thread telling hesh to IM you, open?'

well, not only because i really dont give a shit about 'abusing my powers' on a message board, but mostly because pretending that this topic is still worth discussing is fucking retarded. go complain about pop music or something instead.

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