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Liqour de Malt


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anyone try this?




A 40-ounce, bottle-conditioned malt liquor brewed with Apache Red (red), Hickory King (white), and Taos Blue (blue) corns. The "All-American" malt liquor is packaged with a hand-stamped, Dogfish Head brown paper bag.

(limited availability)

Next Release date: June, 2005

Bottled in 40 ounce bottles

7% ABV

approx. 231 calories and 24 carbs per 12 ounce serving

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overall: 3.45 [ appearance: 3.5 | smell: 3 | taste: 3.5 | mouthfeel: 4 | drinkability: 3.5


Appearance - pours frothily into the glass a dirty, dank yellow with very active beading. The head is a dirty white, a half-finger thick for a few moments, dropping and holding at a thin cap. Odd and mysterious, much like the train of thought that ended with DFH's decision to brew a malt liquor destined for the 40-ounce container.


Aroma - crackery, bready, dry grain, somewhat elusive. Fades to a light malty grain.


Taste - grainy and sweet. A warm envelope of alcohol around it all doesn't go overboard but is on the edge. No bad flavors, not much depth though. Kudos for maintaining solid taste as it warms.


Mouthfeel - upbeat, highly carbonated, a body that stays about average and helps keep the high abv from feeling too heavy.


Drinkability - tasty, I bet it would do fine in a blind taste test. It comes across plainly at times but maintains a requisite boozy/sweet mix. 7 bucks a ride is steep, but it *is* 40 ounces. A top shelf malt liquor, worth a try. Maybe Billy Dee could take a break from Mambo Kings and do a short spot for old times sake...


Found here

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You all do know that not all Malt Liquor is poor quality right?


Colt45,OE and Silver Thunder are shit because they're shit (and becuase American beer companies generally are'nt so interested in quality)..not simply because they're malt liquor...


the vast majority beers ales and lagers are MALT(ed) LIQUORS....

made with barley,hops or grain malts..


they only call certain malt liquors "malt liquors" in America because they

have too high of an alcohol content to be labeled as "beer" by law...

Laws based an the publics greater ignorance of the product they use and enjoy...

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Dogfish head is the shit!

I got a 4 pack of the Midas Touch they brewed and its the best beer ive ever had. 12$ for a 4 pack but its 9% and tastes like a mixture of their 90 minute and Bells Oberon. Its got that same sweet flowery aftertaste.


I will definitly be checkin out the 40 oz dogfish head asap

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