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crazy martial arts video


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Alright there was a thread a little while back with the guys jumping from roof to roof and all that non-sense, and I'm pretty sure this is the martial art that they do study along with that spiderman stuff.


I couldn't find the thread, and I forgot what it was titled and who created it, so I didn't even know where to begin to search


Also if this was posted before i'm sorry.

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Its just a really fucking watered down and raped version of Chinese Fanzi Quan.


Basically the more gymnastical form of Kung Fu.


Dudes like Yu Bokqian(sp?) would shit on these dudes.


Its really cool to watch, but as someone who has been pretty deeply involved with martial arts for close to 15 years now, its kinda sad to watch this.


Comeptition "fighters".


They're gymnists who flare their legs.

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