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voxa you need to quit this emo shit for real, if no one ever told me my shit was hella gay i would have never improved my shit would suck but id think it was tight cause the girls in science class think its cool when i write their name. it only makes you better, heres my advice copy straight ass letters off cerial boxes like wheaties and frosted flakes or straight fonts like helvetica black or tradegothic condesed shit you can even trace them till you get good at drawing straight lines (without a ruler) and then when you can draw a letter that doesnt suck you can start thinking about a 3d, but whoah i dont mean a crazy 3d with a vanishing point i mean start with a drop shadow that might only one pen width away from the letters and when you do it so you dont fuck up imagine your drawing the EXACT same letter but moved eaqually a short distance to the bottom left or whatever corner you like. and dont use color till your letters are ok . hows that for some goddamn advice , and voxa you sound like a pussy, fuck you who said graff is dying anyway?


you suck until further notice (check out espos book)

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